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Sourcebook and Directory Reminder!!

Published by Gary Vasey
I thought I would post another reminder today that listings for the new Sourcebook should be received by Patrick or I no later than May 31st. They have started to trickle in but this is not something we would recommend any CTRM software vendor missed as the Sourcebook will be the definitive guide to solutions in the industry. Also note that while it is FREE to... continue reading

Eka’s new Commodity Analytics Cloud – a unique offering in the CTRM space

Published by Patrick Reames
We had the opportunity to get a briefing on Eka‘s “Commodity Analytics Cloud” application in advance of its official announcement earlier this week.  Manav Garg, Eka‘s president and Preeti... continue reading

OpenLink IRM Set to be More Visible

Published by Gary Vasey
A discussion that came up during a visit to OpenLink’s Vienna office recently was what the definition of optimization was. OpenLink has historically sold its IRM optimization software... continue reading

Reminder for Vendors – SourceBook Deadline

Published by Patrick Reames
Just a reminder to all CTRM vendors, the deadline for the return of the 2015 CTRM SourceBook listing materials is May 31…or early in the day on June... continue reading

Powel AS Becomes Bronze level sponsor of 2015 CTRM Conference

Published by Gary Vasey
Powel AS has signed up as a Bronze level sponsor of the CTRM Conference and we thank them for their support of this... continue reading

Call For Papers – CTRM Conference 2015

Published by Gary Vasey
We are actively seeking speakers for the CTRM Conference and would welcome your suggestions by email sent to gvasey at comtechadvisory dot com. We are looking for speakers... continue reading

CTRM Videos

CTRM Videos

Interview with TrayPort and Trayport Contigo

The last of our four videos shot in London a couple of weeks ago was recorded at the offices of Trayport in London to discuss the recent acquisition of Contigo by Trayport. In the video, I ask Mr. Simon Piercy about the acquisition and its likely impact on Contigo and its customers before discussing the background to the acquisition with Mr. Elliot Piggot,... continue reading

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S&P Capital IQ® Expands Real-Time Market Data Alliances through Agreement with DataGenic

Published 28 May 2015 - Agreement Enables Access to Real-Time Data from Leading Exchanges with New Analytics Solutions London – 28 May 2015: S&P Capital IQ®, a business unit of McGraw Hill Financial (NYSE:MHFI) and a leading provider of research, analytics and data, today announced an agreement with DataGenic, the leading global provider of on-premise and in-cloud smart commodity data management software, to deliver real-time market data in combination with a comprehensive data analytics and big data warehouse solution. Through its ConsolidatedFeed offering, S&P Capital IQ will deliver real-time market data feeds from the world’s leading exchanges and brokers for integration with DataGenic’s Genic DataIQ, a real-time charting and analytical application designed for commodity traders, market analysts and researchers delivered... continue reading

Return of crude/dollar trade fuels oil market dilemma ahead of OPEC

Published 27 May 2015 - (Reuters) By Barani Krishnan – A once-popular pair trade pitting the U.S. dollar against oil prices has re-emerged in recent weeks, injecting a new wildcard into the market just as the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries prepares to meet. Through the second half of 2014, oil slid while the dollar rose, though market watchers viewed this inverse correlation as a coincidence. Oil’s rout was fueled by a swelling global glut, the dollar’s rise driven by European monetary easing and expectations of higher U.S. interest rates. In recent weeks, however, oil market analysts and traders said it looked as though foreign exchange markets were jerking oil prices around. Oil market players are now paying closer attention... continue reading

SocGen Deal for Bache Illustrates Commodity-Trading Woe

Published 27 May 2015 - By CHRISTIAN BERTHELSEN and TATYANA SHUMSKY May 26, 2015 7:07 p.m. ET 0 COMMENTS Société Générale SA is... continue reading

EMK3 New Customer Announcement – Le Norman Operating, LLC

Published 26 May 2015 - EMK3 is pleased to announce that Le Norman Operating, LLC, has selected EMK3 Senergy as their enterprise-wide platform... continue reading

Oil traders, producers tweak assets to support trading gains

Published 26 May 2015 - London (Platts)–26May2015/805 am EDT/1205 GMT * Traders on lookout for new assets * IOCs focus on trading amid... continue reading

COLUMN-China boosts oil trading visibility, market power: Russell

Published 25 May 2015 - –Clyde Russell is a Reuters columnist. The views expressed are his own.–... continue reading

EU told rules on commodity price speculation risk losing their teeth

Published 22 May 2015 - By Barbara Lewis and Huw Jones BRUSSELS/LONDON, May 21 (Reuters) – New... continue reading

Utilidex confirms contract with Flow Energy to provide power purchasing system.

Published 21 May 2015 - Utilidex is pleased to announce it has extended its relationship with Flow... continue reading

Eight Years in the Making: Power Without Borders in Europe

Published 21 May 2015 - Bloomberg – After almost two years of delays, Germany, France and their neighbors in central-western Europe connected their... continue reading

Shell joins BP in calls against excessive trading regulation

Published 20 May 2015 - (Reuters) by Dmitry Zhdannikov and Ron Bousso – Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L) joined fellow oil company BP (BP.L) on Wednesday... continue reading

Commodity Technology Advisory LLC Publications

2015-2020 CTRM Market Outlook

Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech), the leading analyst firm covering commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) technology markets, has recently completed its biannual in-depth review of the CTRM software market space in order to compile an estimate of the size of the global CTRM technology market and prepare an outlook for growth across the various component submarkets that comprise it. Readers of this report should be aware that in the development of this data, as in past years, we must delineate boundaries for the companies and applications reflected in the scope of the analysis.

‘CTRM’ is a term that has been widely adopted by many technology companies. “Traditional” CTRM vendors have been expanding their reach outside of what has been widely and traditionally accepted as core CTRM through acquisition of applications that would commonly be viewed as tools for managing and optimizing supply chains and as such, without adjusting vendor reported results to eliminate these non-CTRM capabilities, we would be overstating the size of the market directly related to commodity trading and risk management capabilities. As such, for this report, ComTech has utilized a fairly rigid view of what capabilities are encompassed within the bounds of CTRM.

Value Study: Investing in E/CTRM in Turbulent Times

The only constant is change echoes an astute observation by the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, some 2,500 years ago. Those of us who are engaged in the world of commodities are continually reminded of the accuracy of his observation, particularly recently, as commodity prices collapsed led by crude oil. In fact, our industry is continually impacted by changes in the regulatory environment, supply/demand balance, global economic environment, technology developments, political intervention and more.

Recently, BP noted in its annual Energy Outlook1, “Today’s turbulence is a return to business-as-usual. Continuous change is the norm in our industry. The energy mix changes. The balance of demand shifts. New sources of energy emerge, such as shale gas, tight oil, ultra-deepwater oil or renewables. Economies expand and contract. Energy production and consumption are affected by disruptions, from wars to extreme weather. New policies are created to address climate change or bolster energy security.“

Change is the very lifeblood of the commodity trading world, creating opportunities for profit for those who are swift and responsive enough to act. Good traders make money in up or downwards moving markets, provided they are armed with up-to-the-minute data and the analytical tools needed to identify, analyze and manage their trading decisions. However, depending on market direction, other market participants might be caught in a more problematic situation and experience cash flow and/or profitability issues should price movements undermine their naturally long (producers) or short (consumers) positions. Nonetheless, if the company has the right tools at its disposal to track up-to-the-minute changes, and properly and effectively manage its exposure to those changes, then value can be protected and in some situations, profits might be made.

CTRM Community

AM markets: grains stage a rebound. But has it got legs?

Published by agrimoney
Wheat futures manage a strong start, helping corn too. But is there more than profit-taking behind the rise? El Nino fears boost palm oil prices Read... continue reading

US land values ‘particularly vulnerable to crop prices’

Published by agrimoney
US farmland values are underperforming those in the UK, and there may be more to that than chance, analysis by Savills shows Read More... continue reading

Venezuela adapts to lower oil prices

Published by Commodities Now
Source: Financial Times, 28th May 2015 In the absence of Opec production cuts, country launches strategy to boost market share Read the full article on FT.com... continue reading

What next for the EU ETS?

Published by Commodities Now
2030 EU Carbon Price Forecast: On 5 May, EU lawmakers clinched a deal on the Market Stability Reserve, ending a year-and-a-half-long policy process to reform the... continue reading

Venezuela pushes oil blending deal

Published by Commodities Now
Source: Financial Times, 28th May 2015 In the absence of Opec production cuts, country embarks upon its own market share strategy Read the full article on... continue reading

FSSAI rejects product approval applications; urges FBOs to stick to norms

Published by Food and Beverage News
The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), in a recent development, has rejected applications for product approval by Tata Starbucks, Ferrero, FieldFresh Foods, Kellogg’s,... continue reading

Govt to make mobile telephony potent tool for agriculture, conference told

Published by Food and Beverage News
The Union government will be soon introducing interactive voice response systems together with various other methodologies of integrating buyer-seller platforms through mobile applications to make mobile... continue reading

Sugar futures hit six-year low, corn dips to contract low…

Published by agrimoney
Ag commodity bears chalk up some landmark price falls, with confidence in supplies of many crops too high to deter sellers. Still, coffee and soy gain... continue reading

Industry Voices

Iron Ore: swapping the physical for the paper trade

Published by Ami Katschinski
By Ami Katschinski, Trayport’s Head of Global Commodities, offers his views on the future of the global iron ore market 1 May 2015 The iron... continue reading

Are you ready for the digital revolution of recruitment?

Published by Carl Vellenoweth
Every good company knows that it’s most important asset is its staff, right? That a good hire can keep a business afloat through low points... continue reading

November CTRM recruitment update with Carl Vellenoweth

Published by Carl Vellenoweth
In this month’s article, I would like to cover the involvement of social media, CTRM recruitment, and the growing demand for Metals CTRM talent. As... continue reading

Bets on crude surge ahead of OPEC meet

Published by Gary Vasey
MUMBAI: November 27 meet to decide on whether to cut crude output Retail level traders and professional speculators have been raising wagers on crude oil... continue reading

REMIT Emerges – The Rise of Transaction Surveillance in the Energy Industry

Published by Yasmine Li
Introduction In a world of ever increasing globalisation, markets which were once discrete have become increasingly interlinked and none more so than the wholesale energy... continue reading

October CTRM Recruitment Trends with Carl Vellenoweth

Published by Carl Vellenoweth
Post CTRM Conference Feedback In this months article, I would like to echo some of the topics mentioned at this years CTRM Conference in London,... continue reading

September Recruitment Update by Carl Vellenoweth

Published by Carl Vellenoweth
Nowadays, the recruitment market has a somewhat tarnished reputation along with other services within this sector. A good parallel example are the system integrators with... continue reading

Deutsche fined over 4.7M GBP for trade reporting errors – Is it time to panic? – Some thoughts

Published by Aviv Handler
Last week the FCA published a final notice against Deutsche Bank fining them just over £4.7 million (after a settlement discount). The fine was for misreporting... continue reading


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