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Wine, crude and CTRM

Published by Patrick Reames
I stopped by a wine tasting event earlier this week hosted by Aspect. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a wine drinker, in fact I’m nothing of a wine drinker (no offense to those of you who are, but I just don’t get it…and neither does my stomach); however, Aspect was considerate to those like me (even if there are apparently very few of us) and did supply a grain-based product as well.... continue reading

Hijacked – The Increasing Threat of Social Media

Published by Gary Vasey
Some of you are probably wondering what am I posting this on CTRMCenter for? what has it got to do with CTRM software or commodities? Well, actually it has a direct relationship with commodities, but perhaps more importantly, to the way politics and pressure groups now operate in our and other industries.... continue reading

Commodity Prices Dive But CTRM Software Sales Steady

Published by Gary Vasey
Every day I select a bunch of news articles for posting on here on CTRMCenter and in recent days the theme of these... continue reading

Your Feedback

Published by Gary Vasey
In order to continuously improve the best singular source of information on CTRM technologies, we are soliciting some feedback on the CTRMCenter website and would really like to have your opinion. It will take just a few... continue reading

Brady PLC Sign Up As Bronze Sponsors of CTRM Conference 2015

Published by Gary Vasey
Brady PLC has joined the growing list of sponsors of our 2015 CTRM Conference in London, produced in cooperation with Commodities Now. Brady... continue reading

New REMIT Report Available

Published by Gary Vasey
Today, we have released the REMIT report (European Regulations – REMIT Reporting Services and Solutions) kindly sponsored by... continue reading

CTRM Videos

CTRM Videos

Dick Couron – CEO, Trilogy Effective Software Solutions, Inc.

In this episode of Conversations with Leaders in CTRM Technology, we visit with Mr. Dick Couron, CEO of Trilogy Effective Software Solutions. Mr. Couron discusses recent developments at his company, the current market for solutions in the up and midstream market segments and his view of emerging technology market trends.... continue reading

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China makes FX rules ready for foreigners to trade its commodity futures

Published 31 July 2015 - Foreign investors will be allowed to transfer either foreign currency or yuan funds into China to trade in the country’s commodity futures markets, the foreign exchange regulator said on Friday. The imminent opening of its booming commodity futures market is a major reform supporting Beijing‘s efforts to increase its sway on global commodity pricing. China is the top global consumer of many raw materials. The securities and futures watchdog announced in June that Beijing would allow foreign investors to trade in some commodities futures for the first time, and the forex regulator’s announcement on Friday made related foreign exchange regulations ready for foreigners to trade futures. Foreign players, especially institutional investors, will also help develop... continue reading

Rise in CME iron ore volume heats competition with Asia bourses

Published 30 July 2015 - (Reuters) by Maytaal Angel and Eric Onstad – Rising volumes in U.S.-based iron ore contracts are starting to create a credible alternative to trading in Asia for the raw material to make steel, industry sources said. While iron ore prices rallied and then tumbled to record lows in recent years, trading volumes on Asian exchanges have soared, while those in Europe and the United States struggled. Miners and industrial consumers in Asia piled in to lock in prices, while speculators take advantage of volatility, with big Western steel producers largely shunning the contracts. Iron ore derivatives traded on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) have roughly doubled in volume each year since their launch in 2009 and are expected to reach about a billion tonnes this year. But rising activity... continue reading

OPEC says oil should not fall further, sees stability in 2016

Published 30 July 2015 - (Reuters) by Katya Golubkova and Denis Pinchuk – OPEC expects increasing oil demand to prevent a further fall in... continue reading

Shell Cuts 6,500 Jobs and Slashes Spending on Prolonged Downturn

Published 30 July 2015 - (Bloomberg) by Rakteem Katakey – Royal Dutch Shell Plc said it’s preparing for a “prolonged downturn” by cutting thousands... continue reading

Is it Time to Buy Commodities?

Published 30 July 2015 - By Blackrock A quick glance at recent headlines would lead a reasonable person to assume that this year’s... continue reading

Oil rises from near six-month lows after big U.S. stock drawdown

Published 29 July 2015 - (Reuters) by Barani Krishnan – Oil settled higher on Wednesday, recovering from multi-month lows, after U.S. government data showed... continue reading

GlobalView Adds Argus Spot Ticker Benchmark for Downstream Fuels Sector

Published 29 July 2015 - CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – Jul 28, 2015) – GlobalView, a premier provider of... continue reading

Is the Commodity Rout Over?

Published 29 July 2015 - By Tory Enerson The pressure in the equity markets has taken a breather as the Chinese indices stopped their plummet... continue reading

Speculators show global commodities rout still not over

Published 28 July 2015 - By Veronica Brown and Pratima Desai LONDON, July 27 (Reuters) – Speculators have confirmed what everyone else has... continue reading

Armajaro Commodities Fund Said to Plan Closing at End-July

Published 28 July 2015 - Armajaro Asset Management LLP plans to close its $450 million commodities fund after losing money and its lead... continue reading

Commodity Technology Advisory LLC Publications

European Regulations – REMIT Reporting Services and Solutions
European Regulations – REMIT Reporting Services and Solutions

The Regulation of the wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) came into force in December 2011, twenty days after the “Level 1” text was passed by the European Parliament. The main purpose behind REMIT is to outlaw market abuse in the wholesale gas and power market in Europe. REMIT is part of the “third package” of rules that are intended to move the EU towards a single wholesale market.

REMIT applies to all physical and financial trades, and also includes LNG where the supply is intended for the EU network.

Anyone who executes a trade for delivery inside the EU is subject to the rules, no matter where in the world they are based. In this sense REMIT is distinct from many financial regulations. REMIT is enforced by National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), who are local energy regulators. For example, Ofgem enforce REMIT in the GB market using specifically drafted UK regulation which has extended their powers of enforcement (Northern Ireland is covered by the “Utility Regulator”). The entire effort is coordinated on an EU wide basis by ACER, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators.

Analyst Note - Eka Commodity Analytics Cloud

Eka recently announced a new product line, separate and apart from their other product offerings based on the InSight CM platform. This new product, Commodity Analytics Cloud, does represent a departure from other commodity management products on the market and we believe it potentially represents a new software category within the CTRM marketplace. As such, we are providing this Analyst Briefing Note update to provide some of our early views.

For a more complete coverage of Eka, including a corporate overview, strategy discussion and products overview, by ComTech analysts, please refer to our most recently updated ComTech Analyst Briefing Note released in November 2014.

Eka recently announced the release of a new product that it terms the Commodity Analytics Cloud. According to the company, the goal of the new application is to accelerate information flow and analysis for commodity trading and commodity management companies. The solution crosses several categories of technology and software, including integration solutions, BI tools, analytics, Big Data solutions, data cubes and cloud offerings; and as such, it’s a product that is difficult to slot in any single existing solution category.

European Power Markets in Transition

With European energy markets in transition, all market participants now face a number of potentially tricky challenges. A combination of EU initiatives, increasingly invasive regulations and a backdrop of falling and less volatile commodity prices, have precipitated an era of change and uncertainty in which there are fewer trading opportunities and profits are harder to come by.

Analysis of the trends and issues impacting European energy markets strongly suggests that these markets are becoming increasingly asset-centric and that the winners will ultimately be those companies that can utilise their assets most effectively. Powel thrives in helping companies extract more value from their complex energy assets and portfolios using its expertise in optimisation, modelling, logistics and trading and is ready to rise and respond to these challenges.

CTRM Community

Spices Board rolls out subsidy and post-harvest improvement initiatives

Published by Food and Beverage News
As part of boosting production of spices in the country, Spices Board has launched a raft of measures to support farmers by offering various subsidies and... continue reading

Priyom brand relaunched in new packing, avatar; Pal Payasam Mix unveiled

Published by Food and Beverage News
Abu Dhabi company KRC International’s Priyom, a brand which has been a major player in Kerala’s food production and distribution industry for the past 27 years,... continue reading

Wheat, coffee, cotton futures manage firm end to poor month

Published by agrimoney
… but soybeans dip, after a cancellation by China of an order from the US touches a raw nerve. The US weather outlook improves, weighing on... continue reading

IGC warns over ‘far-reaching’ impact of China corn reforms

Published by agrimoney
The IGC urges investors to watch “very closely” Chinese corn policy, amid mounting talk of reforms which could have big effects on world grain markets Read... continue reading

Falling oil price hits big energy groups

Published by Commodities Now
Source: Financial Times, 31st July 2015 ExxonMobil and Chevron results blow follow huge job cut announcements in Europe Read the full article on FT.com Read More... continue reading

Sussing out the ceilings over Russian gas prices

Published by Platts Blog
In this month’s selection from Platts Energy Economist, Managing Editor Ross McCracken explains what is currently contributing to Russia’s slipping grip on the European natural gas markets and... continue reading

Crude oversupply creates July turbulence

Published by Commodities Now
Source: Financial Times, 31st July 2015 US oil benchmark set for worst month since 2008 Read the full article on FT.com Read More... continue reading

Electricity from natural gas surpasses coal for first time, but just for one month

Published by U.S. Energy Information Administration
In April, traditionally the month when total electricity demand is lowest, U.S. generation of electricity fueled by natural gas exceeded coal-fired generation for the first time... continue reading

Industry Voices

CTRM Recruitment update with Carl Vellenoweth of Commoditas Partners

Published by Carl Vellenoweth
Spike in LNG CTRM skills Over the last 18 months there’s been an increasing number of multi-national and national oil companies setting up trading hubs,... continue reading

Iron Ore: swapping the physical for the paper trade

Published by Ami Katschinski
By Ami Katschinski, Trayport’s Head of Global Commodities, offers his views on the future of the global iron ore market The iron ore markets have... continue reading

Are you ready for the digital revolution of recruitment?

Published by Carl Vellenoweth
Every good company knows that it’s most important asset is its staff, right? That a good hire can keep a business afloat through low points... continue reading

November CTRM recruitment update with Carl Vellenoweth

Published by Carl Vellenoweth
In this month’s article, I would like to cover the involvement of social media, CTRM recruitment, and the growing demand for Metals CTRM talent. As... continue reading

Bets on crude surge ahead of OPEC meet

Published by Gary Vasey
MUMBAI: November 27 meet to decide on whether to cut crude output Retail level traders and professional speculators have been raising wagers on crude oil... continue reading

REMIT Emerges – The Rise of Transaction Surveillance in the Energy Industry

Published by Yasmine Li
Introduction In a world of ever increasing globalisation, markets which were once discrete have become increasingly interlinked and none more so than the wholesale energy... continue reading

October CTRM Recruitment Trends with Carl Vellenoweth

Published by Carl Vellenoweth
Post CTRM Conference Feedback In this months article, I would like to echo some of the topics mentioned at this years CTRM Conference in London,... continue reading

September Recruitment Update by Carl Vellenoweth

Published by Carl Vellenoweth
Nowadays, the recruitment market has a somewhat tarnished reputation along with other services within this sector. A good parallel example are the system integrators with... continue reading


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