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RadarRadar sees growth opportunities in energy

Risk management is crucial in the energy and commodity sectors due to numerous factors such as geopolitical tensions threatening supply routes and contributing to price volatility or regulatory... continue reading

Have Your Say!

Just a reminder that we are conducting the survey part of our Vendor Perception Study that we produce every two years. The final report is FREE from this site and is our reward to you for filling... continue reading

Spirit of the clean energy transition at E-World 2024

E-World has always been the main event of the year for the energy software business. For over two decades, I have been participating... continue reading

How smartEn is supporting Energy Transition Technologies.

smartEn – Smart Energy Europe  (  serves as the premier European Business Association driving the integration of consumer-driven solutions within the clean energy... continue reading



Interview Corner

Towards Commodity Management in the cloud – An Interview with Saurabh Goyal, Founder and CEO, Phlo Systems

Published 31 January 2024

ComTech Advisory: How would you describe Phlo Systems and its software solutions to our readers? Saurabh Goyal: Phlo Systems develops and deploys SaaS cloud and... continue reading

BBGC – Specializing in CTRM Implementations – An Interview with Amir Soufizadeh, Managing Director, BBGC

Published 21 September 2023

ComTech Advisory: Tell us about BBGC – how it got started, your role in it and its objectives? Amir Soufizadeh: BBGC represents the next generation... continue reading

Archive What happened this week, 3 years ago

CTRMCubed Makes Progress and Readies for Marketing Push

Published 15 March 2021

CTRMCubed is one of several newer vendors that have come to market recently. Led by Simon Piercy and his vision of an affordable, cloud-based CTRM... continue reading

IGNITE CTRM Sees start-up to mid-size Customers Adopting its Solution

Published 16 March 2021

Yagnesh Savania of IGNITE CTRM got in touch with us last week and gave us an update on how things are going. “We managed to... continue reading


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Commodity Technology Advisory is the leading analyst organization covering the ETRM and CTRM markets. We provide the invaluable insights into the issues and trends affecting the users and providers of the technologies that are crucial for success in the constantly evolving global commodities markets. Our team is headed by Patrick Reames and Gary Vasey, a team whose combined 60-plus years in the energy and commodities markets provides depth of understanding of the market and its issues that is unmatched and unrivaled by any analyst group.