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All Eyes on the Dollar?

As a new week begins, the pace of commodities-focused news appears to have slowed considerably with all eyes now on a midweek announcement from the Fed. A large rise in interest rates will increase the strength of... continue reading

Busy Times

It is busy times at ComTech as we have just issued the 2022 CTRM Sourcebook update and will shortly issue the 2022 research report – Trends in Risk Management Technologies – kindly sponsored by Amphora, Commodities People... continue reading

The 2022 CTRM Sourcebook is now available

We are pleased to announce that ComTech has just released the 2022 Sourcebook of CTRM Software Suppliers and Products.  This year’s edition contains 42 detailed product listing from... continue reading

EU energy News Review

Things move quickly here in Europe. So, a quick summary of events. The ECB increased interest rates by 75 bp and the Euro responded by gaining 1%. Deutsche Bank expects another 75bp rise in October as the... continue reading



Interview Corner

Renewable energy and risk management

Published 17 June 2022

An interview with Luca Pedretti – COO, Co-Founder, Pexapark ComTech Advisory: How did Pexapark start? Luca Pedretti: Together with Michi, we had a vision to... continue reading

New Tools for Managing Freight and Shipping Risk

Published 5 April 2022

An interview with Advanced Freight Trading Leadership ComTech Advisory: Tell us a little about your new venture and its objectives? Advanced Freight Trading: We are... continue reading

Industry Voices

Assoc Prof Simon Michaux – The quantity of metals required to manufacture just one generation of…

Published 20 September 2022

The quantity of metal required to make just one generation of renewable tech units to replace fossil fuels, is much larger than first thought. Current... continue reading

Singapore Market Update

Published 2 February 2022

In Singapore, we recently ushered in the Year of the Tiger and with it the continued hope of growth and expansion in the commodity business... continue reading

Archive What happened this week, 3 years ago

11th Annual ETOT is Looming

Published 11 September 2019

The 11th Annual Energy Trading Operations & Technology conference will be taking place on the 10th-11th October in London and both Patrick and I will... continue reading

ERP + CTRM in the Cloud – That’s What Satoshi Systems is Rolling Out!

Published 13 September 2019

I first met Saurabh Goyal a few years ago as he was a speaker at one of our CTRM Conference events. At the time, he... continue reading


Premium Listings

CTRM Community

State gasoline taxes varied widely across the United States in July

Published 24 September 2022

In the most recent update of our table of federal... continue reading

China increased electricity generation annually from 2000 to 2020

Published 23 September 2022

China has steadily increased its electricity generation over the past... continue reading

Senapati swaps MonetaGo for XDC

Published 22 September 2022

Blockchain company XinFin (XDC) Network has hired Sunil Senapati as... continue reading

California fuel mix changes in response to September heat wave

Published 22 September 2022

An extreme heat wave affected California the week of September... continue reading


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