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Previse Systems Innovating Market Share

Previse Systems are rapidly making a name for themselves, and not just in Europe, if the results of our recent Vendor Perception Study are anything to go by.... continue reading

Is Your Marketing Working?

At ComTech, we are constantly reaching out to the vendors and others to ensure that we are up... continue reading

Holding Steady – Why There are so many CTRM Solutions

Periodically, we are asked why there hasn’t been more consolidation in CTRM. Why are there over 100 CTRM software solutions still? (See our... continue reading

The Skills Risk

An item that keeps on coming up in everything from our risk survey last year to briefings with various folk around the industry is that there is a skills shortage. People with skills and expertise are retiring... continue reading



Interview Corner

Credit Risk in Commodity Markets – An Interview with Brady Technology’s Ian Tobin

Published 24 January 2023

ComTech Advisory: How do you see the market for credit solutions in commodities right now and what is driving that? Ian Tobin: We are seeing... continue reading

Amphora’s David Glasspool talks about its forthcoming new CTRM for concentrates – Alchemy

Published 5 December 2022

Amphora has been working a new CTRM solution for concentrates called Alchemy. ComTech asked Sales Director David Glasspool at Amphora about this initiative as it... continue reading

Industry Voices

Assoc Prof Simon Michaux – The quantity of metals required to manufacture just one generation of…

Published 20 September 2022

The quantity of metal required to make just one generation of renewable tech units to replace fossil fuels, is much larger than first thought. Current... continue reading

Singapore Market Update

Published 2 February 2022

In Singapore, we recently ushered in the Year of the Tiger and with it the continued hope of growth and expansion in the commodity business... continue reading

Archive What happened this week, 3 years ago

Enuits’ Entrade – Addressing multiple commodities in a single platform

Published 10 February 2020

We have often heard from CTRM vendors touting their ability to handle multiple commodities and commodity types in a single platform, spanning from energies such... continue reading

Another E-World is Over

Published 14 February 2020

I was at E-World this week in Essen, Germany where I caught up with many colleagues and clients. With a storm passing through Europe early... continue reading


Premium Listings

CTRM Community

WTW brings in Westpac exec for Singapore business

Published 7 February 2023

Advisory and broking company WTW has appointed Deesha Doshi as... continue reading

C2FO brings in former HSBC exec as global head of financing products

Published 7 February 2023

Working capital platform C2FO has appointed Dimitrios Vasileiadis as global... continue reading

Swedish export credit agency rolls out guarantee for green export transactions

Published 7 February 2023

Swedish export credit agency EKN has unveiled a guarantee programme... continue reading

Digital assets and private law: UNIDROIT’s response to a changing landscape

Published 7 February 2023

Background of the project The digital economy has seen tremendous... continue reading


Commodity Technology Advisory is the leading analyst organization covering the ETRM and CTRM markets. We provide the invaluable insights into the issues and trends affecting the users and providers of the technologies that are crucial for success in the constantly evolving global commodities markets. Our team is headed by Patrick Reames and Gary Vasey, a team whose combined 60-plus years in the energy and commodities markets provides depth of understanding of the market and its issues that is unmatched and unrivaled by any analyst group.