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Trader Profits – Driving Increased Expenditures on Technology?

It’s no secret that commodity traders have had back-to-back record years in terms of profits. According to Oliver Wyman, profits likely exceeded $100... continue reading

CubeLogic’s Trade Surveillance Solution Proves Popular

Over the last decade or so, regulatory risk has been a growing concern for those trading various types of commodities as a multitude... continue reading

NA LNG exports to increase markedly despite regulatory challenges

In January, as part of the Biden Administration’s climate agenda, the Department of Energy paused the approvals of pending and future LNG export... continue reading

Vendor Funding – The Ability to Innovate and Survive – Part 1

Over the last quarter century or so, as I have been directly involved in CTRM and related software, outside investment and M&A has... continue reading


Interview Corner

Exchange-traded derivatives risk management – An Interview with Giuseppe the founder of Cumulus9

Published 25 June 2024

ComTech Advisory: How do you see the evolution of energy & commodity financial markets and exchanges? Giuseppe: The energy and commodity markets are rapidly evolving... continue reading

An Interview with the New VAKT CEO – Tasja Botha

Published 2 April 2024

ComTech Advisory: Tell us about the reasoning behind VAKT and its business model as a sort of consortium of players in the industry? Tasja Botha:... continue reading

Archive What happened this week, 3 years ago

Eka is growing rapidly after a fast start to the year.

Published 14 July 2021

I recently had the opportunity to get a briefing from Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka, to discuss his company’s strategy, recent results, product... continue reading

Corruption and Commodities

Published 16 July 2021

Looking at Reuters commodities news this morning, I noted a story regarding one Kostyantin Zhevago who apparently embezzled some $133m from a bank that he... continue reading


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Commodity Technology Advisory is the leading analyst organization covering the ETRM and CTRM markets. We provide the invaluable insights into the issues and trends affecting the users and providers of the technologies that are crucial for success in the constantly evolving global commodities markets. Our team is headed by Patrick Reames and Gary Vasey, a team whose combined 60-plus years in the energy and commodities markets provides depth of understanding of the market and its issues that is unmatched and unrivaled by any analyst group.