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Is the “era of regulation” over in Europe?

By Aviv Handler, ETR Advisory With the MiFID[1] II deadline now more than 3 months past (the rules started in 3rd January 2018), life seems to have become quieter on the regulatory front. In the past years we have gotten used to looming deadlines, spanning EMIR[2], REMIT[3], MAR[4] and MiFID... continue reading

REMIT Reporting is nearly done – can we now forget about European regulation?

There are now only a few days to go until the second, and final, reporting deadline under REMIT, on 7th April. From that date, all “REMIT” contracts, generally physical and financial gas or power trades (with some exceptions) need to be reported to ACER, the regulator, via an RRM (Registered... continue reading

New and Updated REMIT Report Issued

There are now less than 3 weeks to go until “phase 2” REMIT reporting starts. On February 16th ACER held a public workshop, whilst simultaneously releasing new versions of a number of documents, filling in some major gaps that had existed for months beforehand. Never the less there are still... continue reading

Regulatory update – are we nearly done yet?

By Aviv Handler It is over a year since trade reporting under EMIR started, requiring any entity trading derivatives to report them daily to authorised Trade Repositories. This process was fraught with issues, and even now there is a distinct lack of clarity over how commodity derivatives are to be... continue reading

Deutsche fined over 4.7M GBP for trade reporting errors – Is it time to panic? – Some thoughts

Last week the FCA published a final notice against Deutsche Bank fining them just over £4.7 million (after a settlement discount). The fine was for misreporting Equity CFD trades under MiFID for several years. The full notice can be seen here. The misreporting was inadvertent and the matter was rectified as soon as... continue reading

Don’t panic! – Comply, but don’t be scared into unnecessary spend

Article by Mr. Aviv Handler of ETR Advisory published 28th July, 2014. The acronyms “EMIR”, “REMIT”, “MiFID II” and others have now been flashing in front of us for quite some time, and in February we lived through the first go live of EMIR Trade Reporting. Many in the energy... continue reading