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Commodity Technology Advisory - Author Archive

CTRM and Treasury – Enhanced Cash Management in Times of Volatility – CTRMRadio Episode 32

High commodity prices and volatility, inflationary pressures and FX volatility are all features of today’s commodity markets. This is driving more emphasis on risk and cash management. We talk... continue reading

Renewable energy and risk management

An interview with Luca Pedretti – COO, Co-Founder, Pexapark ComTech Advisory: How did Pexapark start? Luca Pedretti: Together with Michi, we had a vision to address the growing needs... continue reading

Carbon and Net Zero Impacts

In this episode we talk with J. Lance Fogtman, VP of Product Strategy, ION Commodities and Hugo Stappers of Hitachi Energy about what they are seeing in terms of... continue reading

Jens Bartenschlager – Fidectus

In this episode of Conversations with Leaders in CTRM Technology, Patrick Reames visits with Dr. Jens Bartenschlager, Co-founder and CEO of Fidectus. Dr. Bartenschlager provides an overview of the... continue reading

Tasja Botha – Brady Technologies

Tasja Botha, Business Lead of Brady Commodities visits with Patrick Reames in this latest edition of Conversations with Leaders in CTRM Technology. Ms. Botha discusses the impact of current... continue reading

New Tools for Managing Freight and Shipping Risk

An interview with Advanced Freight Trading Leadership ComTech Advisory: Tell us a little about your new venture and its objectives? Advanced Freight Trading: We are a diverse and experienced... continue reading

Critical Success Factors in Implementing CTRM Software – CTRMRadio Episode 30

An ETRM / CTRM software acquisition and implementations can impact the entirety of a wholesale commodity-centric company and are a very significant investment in terms of cost and effort... continue reading

Managing the Worlds Metals

In an era that is likely to be dominated by the energy transition, metals are set to become the new foundation of modern society. As more of everything is... continue reading

The Impacts of the Energy Transition on ETRM – CTRMRadio Episode 29

The energy transition has really just started and will continue for many years. as we move from traditional generation assets towards small, distributed renewables, what might the impacts on... continue reading

2021 Market Sizing, Outlook, and Trends Through 2026

Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech), the leading analyst firm covering global commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) technology markets, completes a full and detailed review of the CTRM software... continue reading

The Future of Industry Communication, Networking and Events Post-COVID – CTRMRadio Episode 28

After 2-years of disruption to trade shows, conferences and other networking, informational and educational events in the commodities industries, what have we learned? Is the future face-to-face or online?... continue reading

Manav Garg – Eka

Mr. Manav Garg visits with Patrick Reames in this latest edition of the Conversations with Leaders in CTRM Technology. Mr. Garg discusses the latest product developments at Eka for... continue reading

What’s New in Data Management? – CTRMRadio Episode 27

We talk to three experts in data management about data management and what is new as it relates to commodity technology. Kindly sponsored by Enuit. We spoke with Richard... continue reading

Bernard Delahaye – Brady

Brenard Delahaye, CEO of Brady, visits with Patrick Reames in this episode of Conversations with Leaders in CTRM Technology. Mr. Delahaye discusses Brady’s recent acquisitions of Igloo and CRisk,... continue reading

Chris Mudry – Amphora

Chris Mudry, CEO of Amphora visits with Patrick Reames in this latest edition of Conversations with Leaders in CTRM. Mr. Mudry provides insights into Amphora’s current market activities, new... continue reading

Volatile Power Markets and Software Innovation – CTRM Radio Episode 26

In this episode, we take a look at how volatile power markets like the UK might drive technology innovation and focus in on three vendors – Brady with PowerDesk,... continue reading

Amphora Reborn? – An interview with Amphora Leadership

ComTech talks to Amphora leadership about the vendor’s re-emergence, future plans and positioning. ComTech Advisory: What has been the key to turning Amphora around under your leadership? Chris Mudry:... continue reading

Gen10 – Thinking Big? – An Interview with Richard Williamson, CEO Gen10

We talk to Gen10 CEO, Richard Williamson, about how it has managed to be so active in the industry and as to whether there is any ‘secret sauce’… (If... continue reading

CTRM SourceBook 2021

The Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech) SourceBook of CTRM Software is designed to be a highly usable and rich resource of information to those seeking insights into the capabilities... continue reading