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All good things come to he who waits….

I was discussing some poor use of the English language recently and remembered this wonderful book I used at school – ‘First Aid in English’. I have just Googled it and am delighted to say it is still available and, hopefully, still used by children towards the end of primary... continue reading

The Conference Season

I’m not really sure how this works outside the UK, so apologies to the tens of thousands (!!) of you that read my blog that aren’t UK residents. In the UK it’s the start of the ”party” conference season. This means great British seaside resorts like Blackpool, Brighton and Manchester... continue reading

ETRM – Live in concert!

It’s been a few weeks since I put virtual pen to paper to entertain the masses. I’ve been occupied with other work activities and a family overseas wedding, which was great fun. I wrote a blog on the ETRM Oscars, you may recall. I’m not hugely into films – sport... continue reading

Request For Quotation

To be or not to be. To bid or not to bid. There’s two quotes to start with! 20th July or maybe 20th December. These were two of my favorite dates when I was selling full time. These were the typical dates when that email (or, in the dim and... continue reading

Many ‘Appy Returns!

It was my 60th birthday at the weekend. Most people I met said I didn’t look a day over fifty-nine and a half, so I guess that was positive. It really got me thinking about my earlier years of selling and the sort of products that are around these days... continue reading

The CTRM Oscar Ceremony

The events from the Dolby Theatre the other day got me thinking about an Oscar ceremony for CTRM software vendors. I first heard the word Dolby when I was a teenager and bought my first ‘tape deck and amp’. It had Dolby sound and a switch to select that mode.... continue reading

Is selling ETRM like selling double glazing?

I thought about it – really!  Should I try telling the head of IT procurement at Deer Energy that I wasn’t going to leave the building till he’d signed a letter of intent? After all, several years previously I had witnessed a successful sale (admittedly on an American sales training... continue reading