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Gary Vasey - Author Archive

Sourcebook and Market Sizing

2017 started with an extremely busy January for us at ComTech and that rolled into February as well. Now, in March, we finally have got ourselves somewhat organized to work on our two big projects for the year – the 2017 Sourcebook and 2017 update to CTRM Market Size. If... continue reading

TRADESPARENT launches European Regulatory Add-On Edition

TRADESPARENT presents a brand-new add-on module to report on regulatory compliance affecting the commodity industry. This Add-On Edition is fully integrated in TRADESPARENT’s Base and Enterprise versions and an integral part of the flexible and data-driven risk management solution setting the standards in the industry. Our unique approach to data... continue reading

Agiboo Sees Increased Market activity

Jan van den Brom, managing partner at Agiboo, has noted a significant uptick in inquiries, demonstration requests, and buying processes since the beginning of the year. “I would say activity levels have doubled or even tripled so far this year,” Mr. van den Brom told me. The interest is coming... continue reading

SkyPeople to Establish Agricultural Commodity Trading Center

XI’AN, China, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPU) (“SkyPeople” or “the Company”), a producer of fruit juice concentrates, fruit juice beverages and other fruit-related products, today announced that on March 20, 2017, its wholly owned subsidiaries, Hedetang Foods (China) Co. Ltd. (“Hedetang China”) and Hedetang... continue reading

Blockchain startup Everledger unveils new platform to digitally certify diamonds

Everledger, a blockchain-based startup company that uses the technology a distributed registry for diamonds, has unveiled the company’s newly built platform to digitally certify diamonds that are traced through the Kimberley Process of certification. The announcement was made by Leanne Kemp, the CEO and Founder of Everledger on stage at... continue reading

Catching Up With Cadran

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with Ed Pieters, CEO of Cadran Consultancy, to see how things were going. I discovered that Cadran has been very busy. Cadran offers a CTRM/CM solution on the JD Edwards platform and markets the product across a broad territory via the Redfaire... continue reading

DataGenic and GFI Group enter data distribution agreement

London, UK, 20 March 2017 – DataGenic, the leading global provider of on premise and in-cloud Smart Commodity Data Management solutions, today announced it has entered into a data distribution agreement with GFI Group, a subsidiary of BGC Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGCP) (“BGC Partners” or “BGC”) operating as an intermediary... continue reading

Are People Your Biggest Risk?

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the results in a couple of months of our latest snapshot survey around risk management. Having spent a couple of years managing a trading firm, I developed a new and deep respect for risk management. Suddenly, everything had risks attached to it –... continue reading

Ex-Trafigura trader Collins plans platform to match buyers, sellers

By Melanie Burton | MELBOURNE, MARCH 9 Simon Collins, the ex-head of metals and minerals at trader Trafigura, is gearing up to launch an online platform to match buyers and sellers in physical metals markets. Collins, a high-profile industry figure who left Trafigura in 2015, said the Tradecloud system would... continue reading

Participate In Our New Snap Survey on Risk?

ComTech is undertaking some research into risk management in all its forms in the industry and we would very much like your help. Please do go over and complete our ‘snapshot’ survey and give us your insights and opinions. It is a short survey designed to take as little time... continue reading

Texas Southern University’s Jesse H. School Of Business To Use AspectCTRM For Next Generation Of Oil Traders

MARCH 7, 2017 Aspect, leading global provider of cloud commodity trading and risk management solutions, announced today a new partnership with The Jesse H. Jones (JHJ) School of Business at Texas Southern University in Houston. The school is using AspectCTRM in the classroom to teach the next generation of energy... continue reading

Is It Time To Write The Obituary For CTRM Software?

As an analyst, I speak to a lot of people across all walks of the industry. This morning I was talking to a risk executive from a trading firm who told me that with utilities slashing their budgets over the last few years, they had benefited from hiring some very... continue reading


AGIBOO is proud to announce that as from today, March 1st 2017, TOUTON GENEVA will be using AGIBLOCKS as its trade and risk management system for the company’s coffee business. The full implementation and data migration was executed in a 3-month period despite the holiday season. For AGIBOO this is... continue reading

China lobs a grenade into the aluminum supply chain: Andy Home

By Andy Home | LONDON China’s “Air Pollution Control” regulation was formally approved on Feb. 20 and published on Feb. 28. It came into effect on Wednesday. It may sound pretty innocuous but, make no mistake, it represents a potential redefinition of the global aluminum market. The world’s largest producer... continue reading

The Death of the Expert

Most days, I google a lot looking for news on issues as wide as traceability to biomass. Unfortunately, much of the time what I find actually is ‘false news’ and utter dross. Opinions of people who plainly know not a thing about the commodities business delivered as fact. No discussion,... continue reading

Inatech’s Techoil Ready for Market?

Inatech was established in 2002 and historically built custom software solutions before developing software products and transforming itself into a software company four years ago. With around 150 staff and multiple offices around the globe, the company has plainly thrived over that time. Its’ heritage is in shipping and so... continue reading

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