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Dr. Gary M. Vasey - Author Archive

ComTech Provide Analysis in Commodities People’s Survey Report

ComTech partners and analysts provided their expert analysis of data collected by Commodities People across their events and compiled in a free report titled – Commodity Trading Annual Industry... continue reading

Energy One Posts Consistent and Positive Results

Energy One has issued its financial results for the year ending June 2023 and the results suggest that the company continues to grow and consolidate its acquisitions with a... continue reading

Innovation Driven by Change

With so many change drivers going on at once in our industry, one could be forgiven for having some despair – it is hard to take it all onboard... continue reading

STG and Energy One – A Deal in the Offing?

According to a disclosure on ASX, Energy One Ltd. has received a “confidential, indicative, incomplete, conditional and non-binding proposal from global investment firm STG” – owner of Quor. According... continue reading

Invensoft’s Expanding Footprint

Among the vendors enjoying success in a buoyant market for CTRM and related software is Invensoft. Founder and CEO, Prasad Raju, told me recently that it had signed several... continue reading

Busy Summer in CTRM?

Historically, August is a dead month for ComTech in which we get some background work done like compiling the new Sourcebook and researching for new reports. This year, both... continue reading

Webinar – The Future of CTRM Software – Evolve or Die?

We are excited to have partnered with Commodities People for a webinar entitled – The Future of CTRM Software – Evolve or Die? Here are the details and we... continue reading

Datamine Keen to Promote its MineMarket CTRM Software

Datamine is a vendor that has been focused on mining operations for many years with its MineMarket platform. This week, I spoke with a team from the vendor to... continue reading

Enuit Adds Key New Functionalities

Enuit’s David Rao spent some time bringing us up to speed on product developments recently. It seems that it has been a busy time for the vendor in several... continue reading

Gen10 Sees Traceability as a Key Differentiator.

Traceability has always been a key need for those involved in trading, moving, and managing commodities of various types. However, given the increased awareness of environmental and social issues,... continue reading

CRisk Powers Brady’s Risk Strategy

Brady Technologies is seeing a lot of interest in its credit solution that is being driven by market events that have focused attention on credit and liquidity once again.... continue reading

Topaz Technology Adding Customers and Capabilities

Topaz Technology is thriving, having added a bunch of customers and with a full pipe of prospects, CEO, Jon Fox told me last week. I hadn’t had a briefing... continue reading

Agiboo Sees Traction for Version 4.0

Agiboo remain extremely busy, says CEO Jan van den Brom. Despite hiring and almost doubling in size in terms of staff, he still works an 80+hour week to service... continue reading

ION Aspect Generating Significant Sales Across the Industry

Recently, I had a demonstration of Aspect by ION. Aspect has apparently been selling extremely well across an array of commodities including oil, metals, concentrates, ores, and so on,... continue reading

EnPaas Targets Energy Suppliers and Others with SaaS and Manages Services

EnPaas (Energy platform as a service) began in 2015, according to its website, “with a group of energy veterans who recognized that the energy industry was not keeping pace... continue reading

2023 CTRM Sourcebook

Patrick and I have finalised the vendor materials for the 2023 CTRM Sourcebook and have been distributing them to vendors who may wish to list as well as consultancy... continue reading

SAP Update on its Commodity Management Business

I recently had a briefing from the SAP Commodity Management solution management team led by VP, Anja Strothkaemper – the first update in over a year. There was a... continue reading

Water, CO2, Hydrogen – Alternatives to Batteries and a Hydrogen Future?

Usually, blogging on CTRMCenter involves a lot of material about software and market trends. All valuable and useful to many in the industry given the statistics for the website.... continue reading

Energy One’s European Operations Growing on the Back of SaaS and Managed Services

Simon Wheeler is happy with progress at Energy One citing a ‘really busy year, a terrific E-World and the general increase in activity in the market’. To emphasize that,... continue reading

DSFlow Doubles Installed Base in 6-months – Ready for Broader Market.

Recently, I spoke with Alex de Choulot, co-founder, and CEO of DSFlow, to catch up with how things were going for the new vendor. DSFlow has expanded its customer... continue reading

Amphora has a strong start to 2023

David Glasspool at Amphora says he has been ‘flat out’ since mid-February dealing with business development opportunities. Amphora has already gained two new customers in 2023 including a refiner... continue reading