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Dr. Gary M. Vasey - Author Archive

Brady and CRisk – an Update

Last September, Brady Technologies announced that it had acquired CRisk, a credit and Liquidity risk solution provider. It subsequently followed up that acquisition with another one that involved it... continue reading

Talking Lacima Post-EEX Acquisition with Dr. Chris Strickland

On the back of the recent announcement that Lacima had been acquired by EEX, I talked with Dr. Chris Strickland to add some details to the announcement. The deal... continue reading

CTRM Costs Rising

Talking with several folk this new year one thing that is readily apparent is that the cost of building, implementing and supporting CTRM software is going up rapidly along... continue reading

Orchestrade – A New Entrant in ETRM

Recently, I was contacted by Catherine Biewer of Orchestrade who was very keen to tell us about its solution and its ETRM coverage. Orchestrade has been focused on other... continue reading

Acquisitions and Investments

Perhaps missed in the run up to the holidays were two interesting announcements. The first involved the acquisition of Lacima by EEX and the second involved Dycotrade in which... continue reading

Here is Wishing A Happy and Prosperous 2022!

Happy New Year! 2022 is poised to be an exciting year from a ComTech point of view. We are just finishing up the 2021 revisit to the market sizing... continue reading

Energy One Europe Looks Back on a Successful 2021!

Energy One Europe CEO, Simon Wheeler and I spoke this week in the run up to the holidays. Naturally, the conversation centered on the year that was and that... continue reading

A CTRM Primer Video

A few months ago, a vendor approached us asking if we could make a video on the topic of what is CTRM software? I agreed especially as the purpose... continue reading

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Commodities?

Last summer, when we undertook the disruptive technology survey, we asked about investment plans and adoption of VR and AR. The view seemed to be that most felt that... continue reading

2022 ComTech Projects

As the year end rapidly approaches, we have been planning some activities for 2022. CTRM Market Sizing, Outlook and Trends The first thing we will be getting out will... continue reading

“It’s shaping up to be a nice year,” – Fendahl.

Fendahl is having a bumper year, says Henry Thornalley. With eight new customers so far this year, he and his colleagues have been remarkably busy. “It really took off... continue reading

Proof of Concept vs RFP?

Around a month ago, I wrote wondering about the procurement process and whether with migration of systems to the cloud, companies might start abandoning the expensive and risk prone... continue reading

Amphora Has A Busy Year End

Amphora remains very busy with lots of product demonstrations planned before year end says David Glasspool. “July and August were quieter but now we are really busy as year-end... continue reading

Artis Works Points to Word-of-Mouth Success Around its Folio Product

A week or so ago, I had a chance to visit with Sebastian Ferraccu of Artis Works. Back in May, Artis Works released Artis Folio and so I was... continue reading

Previse Systems Sees Success with its Innovative Ecosystem.

Last week, I caught up with Messrs. Marc Zumstein and Asbjorn Hansen of Previse Systems to find out how things were going and to hear the latest news. Previse... continue reading

Enegen’s Successful First Year with More to Come.

Almost everyone is aware of the recent energy issues in the UK (and elsewhere) in which prices have surged and there have been many casualties on the retail side.... continue reading

Virtual Reality Anyone?

I saw a press announcement on Monday in which GlobalData provided an estimate of a $51billion market for VR by 2030. Rupantar Guha, Associate Project Manager for the Thematic... continue reading

More on Risk

In a recent blog post titled Risk Management Software Should be Booming, I made the case for the emergence of two software classes in commodities – Commodities Advanced Risk... continue reading

When Will CTRM Procurement Approaches Change?

Periodically, we talk about procurement at ComTech. For example, we had a CTRMRadio podcast episode on it back a couple of years ago and we have written about it... continue reading

Enuit’s CPO focused on advanced technology deployment

Enuit’s Chief Product Officer, David Rao, is focused on several initiatives including work on delivering Entrade v7 and Entrade Unite. In terms of Entrade v7, the next major release... continue reading

CTRM Cubed Building Out It’s Ecosystem of Partners

CTRM Cubed founder and CEO, Simon Piercy sees some potential issues emerging for smaller vendors in energy markets like the UK as on the retail side, there have been... continue reading