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Dr. Gary M. Vasey - Author Archive

Inflation, Volatility and Risk – Is This a CTRM Software Supercycle?

We quite often read about a commodities super cycle. The investment bankers seem particularly fond of the term. But does that translate into a CTRM software super cycle as... continue reading

FIS Targets North American Power Markets

FIS has reorganized and Irina Reitgruber now has global responsibility for energy which resides within the Treasury/Risk area of the business, she told me. Many different business units were... continue reading

Enuit Sees Good Market Demand in APAC Region

For Enuit, in the Asia-Pacific region, it is business as usual, says Winson Low, VP of APAC operations. “We have plenty of inquiries and proposals and many of the... continue reading

Commodities People Sponsors Trends in Commodity Risk Research

Commodities People is sponsoring our Trends in Commodity Risk research project along with Amphora and the Nasdaq Market Technology Division. Commodities People will also support the study by polling... continue reading

Amphora Continues to Capture New Users

Amphora continues to enjoy strong interest and has signed another two oil traders in the last month for a total of three new customers this year according to David... continue reading

Enegen Adding New Customers

Current energy conditions in the GB market are in the news daily, muses David Calmonson of Enegen, yet they encourage more companies to look at the balancing mechanism as... continue reading

AFT Capital Innovating Around Shipping, Emissions and Risk

There is a growing emphasis on optimizing supply chains, the rising cost of transportation especially at sea, and transportation optimization, as well as a lot of attention being paid... continue reading

Veridapt – A solution to Manage Operational Risks and Reduce Fraud

Recently, Commodity Technology Advisory began research into the trends in Commodity Risk Management (kindly sponsored by Amphora and the Nasdaq Market Technology Division). This activity alerted David Thambiratnam of... continue reading

Enuit Busy with Product Enhancements to Stay Ahead of Changing Commodity Markets

This week, I had a chance to catch up with Enuit’s Chief Product Officer, David Rao, and ask about Enuit’s plans in terms of new enhancements and to hear... continue reading

Energy One Europe Sees Robust Demand

Simon Wheeler, CEO of Energy One Europe, sees a robust software market for Contigo, eZ-nergy and EGSSIS so far this year but is also being kept busy with a... continue reading

Igloo Powers Brady’s Short-Term Power Ambitions

Last October, Brady acquired Igloo and in that same month, we spoke with CEO, Bernard Delahaye who told us, “Brady has decided to invest in building a new program... continue reading

Fendahl Sees a Very Active Market

Fendahl has built up quite a backlog of sales and Henry Thornalley of Fendahl tells me that this will see it issue a number of significant announcements regarding new... continue reading

Reuters’ Plan Commodities Trading USA

Once again we have partnered with Reuters events to do a bit of joint promotion work and this time it is around the Commodities Trading USA 2022 event that... continue reading

Political Risk

For the last few years, we have been highlighting political risk or geopolitical risk as a key risk in commodities. As I sit here not 400 miles from a... continue reading

SigTech Probes Oil and Gas for Opportunity for its Cloud-based Platform

I recently spoke with John McCann, Chief Sales Officer with SigTech. I had honestly not heard of the company but I knew one of John’s colleagues from his time... continue reading

Tell Us How You See Risk?

We are undertaking research currently into trends in risk management in commodities and we would love to get your views. There are two ways to do that! Can you... continue reading

Exciting Days at Amphora!

Amphora is readying Alchemy, it’s all new concentrates and ores CTRM solution, for the market and the first go-live client with the software should happen in late Spring/early Summer,... continue reading

Enuit Sees Inquiries up 300% this year to date

I had a catch-up recently with Ganesh Natarajan of Enuit to see how things were going and get some insights into how he sees the market. Along with many... continue reading

Gen10 – Innovating to Success?

The beauty of being an analyst is that you get to watch the industry unfold and develop. Along the way, you collect others’ views and opinions that help inform... continue reading

Trends in Commodity Risk Management Research Project Launched

Today we start a new research project – Trends in commodity risk management. Kindly sponsored by Amphora and the Nasdaq Market Technology Division, the study comprises a short survey... continue reading

Tradesparent and its START program

Recently, I was given at update on Tradesparent by Siavosh Arasteh from Tradesparent’s sales and marketing department. Tradesparent describes itself as “an integrated data analysis and reporting software solution for companies... continue reading