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Dr. Gary M. Vasey - Author Archive

Catching Up With Powel’s New GM

On August 17th of this year, Powel announced that it had appointed Dr. Josef Janssen as General Manager for its Swiss office. Following on from the acquisition of Delta... continue reading

9-11 – Remembering a colleague

There are some people that you meet in life who leave a lasting positive impression upon you. Today, I’d like to remember a man who certainly left a great... continue reading

ComTech Welcomes G10 As 2015 CTRM Conference Bronze Sponsor

Generation 10 has become a bronze sponsor of the 2015 CTRM Conference to be held on October 22nd at the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel. Established in 2000, G10 has... continue reading

2015 CTRM Conference Looming

The 2015 CTRM Conference is now only weeks away on October 22nd at the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel. This really is the place to catch up on the world... continue reading

Agiboo – Latest Bronze Sponsor Of The 2015 CTRM Conference

Commodity Technology Advisory is please to announce that Agiboo has become a bronze sponsor of the 2015 CTRM Conference to be held on October 22nd at the Thistle Marble... continue reading

ComTech Needs You and Your Opinion!

Yes, we do need your opinion. Right now, we are seeking end users of E/CTRM software to fill out just a short survey on buying versus building E/CTRM software.... continue reading

Just Exactly What Does Climate Denier Mean?

If there is one thing that really gets up my nose it is the smug and throw away comment ‘Climate Change Denier’ once again used by President Obama. It’s... continue reading

Turning The Corner?

Jim Rogers was quoted yesterday saying.. “As far as commodities are concerned, it’s about supply and demand, and you’re having huge cutbacks in supply. We’re already having supply problems... continue reading

Can I Quote You On That?

At the moment, we are running a bit of a feedback survey on CTRMCenter (- yes, its that annoying pop up we are using). The results to date are... continue reading

European Ags and Softs Demand Robust – Agiboo

Agiboo continues to increase the specific functionality in its Agiblocks software to support soft commodities, Mr. Jan Van Den Brom told us recently. The vendor has been very busy... continue reading

Is It Really All About The USD?

People that know me well will appreciate that I have little time for politicians and the general media. This last few weeks has confirmed my view regarding the media... continue reading

Is Build Making a Comeback?

Almost 20-years after the birth of the E/CTRM software category, you would think that commercially available CTRM software would be a normal and natural choice for any firm seeking... continue reading

InvenSoft again Sponsor CTRM Conference

InvenSoft have again sponsored the  CTRM Conference  as a Bronze level sponsor and we thank them for their support of this unique and innovative 1-day event that will take... continue reading

Hedge Funds and Commodities – Incompatible?

The news that the Carlyle commodities fund value has collapsed from around $2billion to $50million in cash under management made for interesting reading this weekend. The same article also... continue reading

Hijacked – The Increasing Threat of Social Media

Some of you are probably wondering what am I posting this on CTRMCenter for? what has it got to do with CTRM software or commodities? Well, actually it has... continue reading

Commodity Prices Dive But CTRM Software Sales Steady

Every day I select a bunch of news articles for posting on here on CTRMCenter and in recent days the theme of these has become increasingly obvious – Commodity... continue reading

Your Feedback

In order to continuously improve the best singular source of information on CTRM technologies, we are soliciting some feedback on the CTRMCenter website and would really like to have... continue reading

Brady PLC Sign Up As Bronze Sponsors of CTRM Conference 2015

Brady PLC has joined the growing list of sponsors of our 2015 CTRM Conference in London, produced in cooperation with Commodities Now. Brady PLC has signed up as a... continue reading

New REMIT Report Available

Today, we have released the REMIT report (European Regulations – REMIT Reporting Services and Solutions) kindly sponsored by REGIS TR and Sapient Global Markets. The report was primarily authored... continue reading

New Speakers Added to 2015 CTRM Conference Line Up

Two new speakers have been added to the 2015 CTRM Conference line up and several more are awaiting final confirmations as the agenda starts to truly firm up. The... continue reading

An Update on SAP’s Growing CM Footprint

Last week, I was afforded a catch-up briefing by the SAP team including its VP for Commodity Management and Agribusiness, Ms. Anja Strothkaemper. Ms. Strothkaemper looks after both SAP’s... continue reading