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Dr. Gary M. Vasey - Author Archive

CTRMCenter Directory

If you haven’t visited the directory of software vendors on this site, perhaps you should? It is a very popular section of the website and extremely useful to buyers... continue reading

FIS – Re-Organised for Energy Success

I recently spoke with Irina Reitgruber and Alberto Coltro of FIS to find out a bit about their plans for 2022 and how things were going. Apparently, there has... continue reading

Inatech Grows and Seeks to Diversify via Product Investment and Alliances

Inatech grew at around 25% in 2021 yet its CEO, Jean Hervé Jenn, described the year as ‘disappointing” by comparison to 2020 when I spoke with him recently. “We... continue reading

CTRM Cubed Eyes Better Data Analytics as a Key Differentiator

I checked in with CTRM Cubed last week and spoke with founder and CEO, Simon Piercy to get an update. Like many vendors in the space, CTRM Cubed had... continue reading

Bumper Traffic Year for CTRMCenter!

2021 was a bumper year for traffic to CTRMCenter. Google Analytics tells us that traffic was up a whopping 23.5% in 2021 over 2020 and you have to bear... continue reading

Artis Works Update

Last November, we took a look at Artis Works and its Folio software – “it forms a new category of cloud SaaS product aimed at commodities trading with an... continue reading

Energy One Sees Larger Addressable Market

This morning news broke that Energy One had agreed to acquire Australia’s CQ Energy in a deal reportedly worth $36mAUS in cash and shares.CQ Eenergy is the leading provider of... continue reading

Renewables growth creates opportunities for Swiss-based Pexapark

Last week I spoke with Debbi Bavin at Pexapark to get a quick overview of the company. Pexapark says on its website that it is “Your operating system to... continue reading

Energy One Europe Emerging as A New European Brand in ETRM

Contigo, eZ-nergy and EGSSIS are all to be slowly rebranded to Energy One Europe over the next several months according to Simon Wheeler, CEO, Energy One Europe. “The eZ... continue reading

It’s a Hot CTRM Job Market!

I recently wrote about inflationary pressures and the costs around CTRM. Yesterday, a conversation with Carl Vellenoweth of Commoditas validated and expanded those thoughts. Commoditas recruits’ technologists for the... continue reading

Shall We Meet?

The first 2022 edition of our innovative CTRMRadio podcast turned out to be timely as in it we address the future of events, information dissemination and networking in the... continue reading

Amphora Readying its Concentrates Solution – Alchemy

Back in 2019, I had a glimpse of a new concentrates CTRM called alchemy from Amphora. At the time, it was early days in development and yet I recall... continue reading

Commodity Protectionism Drives More Volatility?

The surge in global prices for all types of commodities is having many effects from adding inflationary pressure to driving up energy and food bills. For companies like Goldman... continue reading

Brady and CRisk – an Update

Last September, Brady Technologies announced that it had acquired CRisk, a credit and Liquidity risk solution provider. It subsequently followed up that acquisition with another one that involved it... continue reading

Talking Lacima Post-EEX Acquisition with Dr. Chris Strickland

On the back of the recent announcement that Lacima had been acquired by EEX, I talked with Dr. Chris Strickland to add some details to the announcement. The deal... continue reading

CTRM Costs Rising

Talking with several folk this new year one thing that is readily apparent is that the cost of building, implementing and supporting CTRM software is going up rapidly along... continue reading

Orchestrade – A New Entrant in ETRM

Recently, I was contacted by Catherine Biewer of Orchestrade who was very keen to tell us about its solution and its ETRM coverage. Orchestrade has been focused on other... continue reading

Acquisitions and Investments

Perhaps missed in the run up to the holidays were two interesting announcements. The first involved the acquisition of Lacima by EEX and the second involved Dycotrade in which... continue reading

Here is Wishing A Happy and Prosperous 2022!

Happy New Year! 2022 is poised to be an exciting year from a ComTech point of view. We are just finishing up the 2021 revisit to the market sizing... continue reading

Energy One Europe Looks Back on a Successful 2021!

Energy One Europe CEO, Simon Wheeler and I spoke this week in the run up to the holidays. Naturally, the conversation centered on the year that was and that... continue reading

A CTRM Primer Video

A few months ago, a vendor approached us asking if we could make a video on the topic of what is CTRM software? I agreed especially as the purpose... continue reading