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Dr. Gary M. Vasey - Author Archive

Brady’s All New Approach – A Conversation with Bernard Delahaye, CEO, Brady Technologies.

In August, Brady Technologies announced the appointment of its new CEO, Mr. Bernard Delahaye. Mr. Delahaye has an extensive background in trading software and commodities having held senior executive... continue reading

FIS Cross Asset Trading and Risk Energy Business is Having a Record Year in North America

We have been watching as vendors across the commodities space reported good sales pipelines and activity in CTRM and related software markets. Amongst those vendors doing well under such... continue reading

iRely – Four Key Points to Success

We recently visited with George Olney, President of iRely, the US based provider of CM/CTRM solutions specializing in coverage across multiple categories.  According to Mr. Olney, the company is... continue reading

Risk Management Software Should be Booming

For quite a while, we have been suggesting that advanced risk analytics and enterprise risk management platforms should be benefiting from industry trends. It is a truism that many... continue reading

Another Round of Acquisitions in CTRM

Periodically, there are a round of acquisitions in the E/CTRM space. Today, Brady announced it was acquiring Igloo following on the heels of its acquisition of cRisk and I... continue reading

Critical Thinking in ETRM Implementation

I participated this week in what I though were two excellent panel discussions at Commodities People’s Energy Trading Week events.  The first panel was on Technological innovations in risk... continue reading

Enuit Expands Customer base and Staffing

Ganesh Natarajan, Enuit’s COO, is a busy man and plainly enjoying it. I managed to grab a little of his time last week for a catch up on his... continue reading

Topaz Sees a Sweet Spot for Its Platform

I spoke with Jo Finnigan (COO) and Jon Fox (CEO) Of Topaz Technology this week. Like many vendors in the space, it has seen a lot of activity in... continue reading

Energy One to Acquire EGSSIS

Belgian vendor EGSSIS is set to be acquired by Energy One according to papers filed with the ASX last Friday. Energy One is an Australia-based vendor that has in... continue reading

Europe’s Energy Crisis – Purely Political?

I have noted quite a lot of articles and comments on LinkedIn about Europe’s energy issues and most have a similar theme – it’s political! The fact is, there... continue reading

Amphora Continues to Build its Customer Base

Amphora is enjoying a decent amount of success having experienced a record year last year in terms of bringing on new customers that appears to be about to be... continue reading

Contigo Delivers Two Large EnTrader Implementations

UK-based Contigo enjoyed a very good year last year despite COVID, lockdowns and the other challenges of the period delivering increased profitability and revenues for parent company – Energy... continue reading

Brady Sees PowerDesk As the Tool For Increasingly Volatile European Power Markets

Recently, I spoke with Chris Regan, Brady’s Product Director for Energy about developments in UK power markets specifically. He warned at that time that several smaller UK suppliers were... continue reading

The Demise of Factual Commodities News?

Is the UK facing a perfect storm of high energy prices this winter? At the moment it looks that way. Not only is the wind not blowing and the... continue reading

Ventriks Rolls Out Its Data Platform

Ventriks has recently announced its existence as “a self-service platform for data acquisition, integration and business intelligence, without compromise.” Led by veteran commodities data management software expert, Richard Quigley,... continue reading

Talking precious metals with Harry Knott of Brady

Harry Knott says that Brady has been very active in metals and heavily involved in industrial customer projects with a focus on precious metals in recent months, particularly metals... continue reading

Spreadsheets Revisited

Although it is now a little old, the work that we did back in 2015 on spreadsheets is always worth a revisit and still relevant. With so many new... continue reading

2021 CTRM SourceBook

The 2021 CTRM SourceBook was published earlier this week. It contains a record number of listings – 57 different products from 42 different vendors. It also contains a list... continue reading

Lacima Sees LNG as a Major Risk Management Opportunity

Lacima is having a pretty good year and sees plenty of opportunities in the market for its brand of energy risk analytics, says CEO, Dr. Chris Strickland. It also... continue reading

Busy Days at ComTech

The last few months have been incredibly busy at ComTech. Patrick has been really under the kosh with multiple project on the go but in the end, the fact... continue reading

Previse Systems Enters Third Year in Bullish Mood

Previse Systems had its second anniversary last Monday (23rd August), Marc Zumstein told me, and in those two years, it has tripled its staff, developed an ETRM from scratch... continue reading