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Dr. Gary M. Vasey - Author Archive

The New Book

This morning my shipment of our new book arrived. Two hard backs and 10 paperbacks in all. It is always a thrill to hold a book you wrote and... continue reading

BBGC – Not Just Another Consulting Company, Says its’ MD.

BBGC is a business and technology consulting firm that is active in the commodities industries. I was recently contacted by its MD, Amir Soufizadeh, for a catch up and... continue reading

CubeLogic Sees Good Growth and the Promise of More to Come

CubeLogic enjoyed a good year in 2022, according to Ian Sloggett. It signed more than half a dozen new clients – all international or regionally significant entities, he told... continue reading

Here We Go Again…

After 30 odd years in this business, everything becomes cyclic. I have a sense of deja vu reading the headlines this last couple of days and while everything seems... continue reading

Five Years of CTRMRadio

I was looking back this morning and the first episode of CTRMRadio went out 5-years ago. We innovated podcasting in the space and continue to do so with our... continue reading

QUOR – More than a Change of Name…

By now, most people will know that QUOR is the new brand for what was known previously as Brady Commodities. However, for CEO, Tasja Botha, it isn’t just the... continue reading

CTRM Software – An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market

We have a new book out. Titled CTRM Software – An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market, it is the product of Patrick and I’s combined 40 plus... continue reading

A New Vendor is Born – Quor Group

A press announcement late yesterday saw STG (Symphony Technology Group) announce Quor Group – a rebranded Brady Commodities that had previously been spun off and acquired by STG. It... continue reading

The Rise of the Middle East

In a number of briefings with vendors and others recently, the middle east has come up as a topic for discussion. It seems this region has grown sharply in... continue reading

Agiboo Starts Out 2023 With Five New Customers

Agiboo has entered a new phase of growth and development it seems, as Jan van den Brom said that recently, it had won several new corporate deals for global... continue reading

Energy One Preparing for Customer Summit

Energy One is busy managing a host of implementation and other projects around its product suite, say Simon Wheeler, CEO of Energy One Europe. It is also rebranding, launching... continue reading

Rebrandings and Product Launches

It has been an interesting and busy week with interesting news emanating from three different vendors. First up is that Energy One Europe (Contigo, EGSSIS and eZ-Nergy) has now... continue reading

How to Permanently Lose Your Customers’ Business

Periodically, we perform online surveys. Historically, we have used SurveyMonkey. It’s a reasonable tool with far too much generic functionality for our specific needs but nonetheless, still usable. But... continue reading

Navitasoft Focuses on Enabling the Energy Market of Things

Navitasoft’s website says that it provides energy business software solutions for the regulated electricity and gas market players such as transmission system operators, storage system operators, energy traders, shippers, and... continue reading

Attracting and Retaining CTRM Talent in 2023?

I spoke to Carl Vellenoweth, CEO of Commoditas Partners who specialise in CTRM recruitment about the current challenges hiring and attracting CTRM talent. He sees talent retention as very... continue reading

Previse Systems Innovating Market Share

Previse Systems are rapidly making a name for themselves, and not just in Europe, if the results of our recent Vendor Perception Study are anything to go by. Previse... continue reading

Is Your Marketing Working?

At ComTech, we are constantly reaching out to the vendors and others to ensure that we are up to date with developments. Often, these calls are reported on to... continue reading

Holding Steady – Why There are so many CTRM Solutions

Periodically, we are asked why there hasn’t been more consolidation in CTRM. Why are there over 100 CTRM software solutions still? (See our directory). It’s a good question because... continue reading

The Skills Risk

An item that keeps on coming up in everything from our risk survey last year to briefings with various folk around the industry is that there is a skills... continue reading

Cadran and Arantys Making Progress in Volatile Markets

At the very end of 2022, I spoke with Sjors Oosterwaal of Cadran to catch up on its activities. Cadran is an Oracle Platinum Business Partner and reseller, and its... continue reading

2022 Vendor Perceptions Report Issued

The 2022 Vendor Perceptions Report is now available Download the 2022 Vendor Perceptions Report. It is a long and comprehensive report full of detail and charts so analysts among... continue reading