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Reminder: 2022 Sourcebook Submission Deadline is Nearing

If you are a vendor of CTRM/ETRM solutions, your opportunity to be found by early stage buyers in the 2022 CTRM Sourcebook is quickly coming to a close.  With... continue reading

Visiting with Enuit’s Robert Balinski

I recently moderated a panel session at Commodity Trading Week in Houston where one of the panelists was Robert Balinski, vice president of services at Enuit.  After that event,... continue reading

Molecule is continuing to expand their portfolio of products and customers

I recently had the chance to get an update from Sameer Soleja, founder, CEO and president of Molecule.  Though we do tend to visit regularly, it seems that with... continue reading

OneCore Global – Addressing Commodity Confirms and Invoicing

As most everyone in the commodities space knows, most bilateral wholesale deals require manual confirmations and invoicing, a rather archaic systems when one considers that exchanges and many brokers... continue reading is finding success in a turbulent and changing energy market

I recently spoke with David Leevan, CEO of, a US-based analytics platform provider, to get an update on not only the company’s recent developments, but also the trends... continue reading

ClearDox Spectrum – Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for Commodities Operations

I recently had the opportunity to visit with long-time industry veteran Rick Nelson who is now CEO at ClearDox, a US-based provider of intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions. Rick... continue reading

Eka – Continuing to Build Strong Momentum into 2022

I recently had the opportunity to catch-up with Manav Garg, CEO and founder of Eka to get an update on recent activity with the company. In our conversation, he... continue reading

Enuit – Investing in Power and Environmental Capabilities

I recently had an opportunity to visit with Enuit’s recently hired Managing Director of Power Solutions, Mr. Seenu Kaliamurthy. Seenu is a highly experienced power and energy expert, having... continue reading

Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful holiday!

To all our friends and colleagues – ... continue reading

iRely – Four Key Points to Success

We recently visited with George Olney, President of iRely, the US based provider of CM/CTRM solutions specializing in coverage across multiple categories.  According to Mr. Olney, the company is... continue reading

Enuit – An Active Year for CTRM Implementations

We recently caught up with Robert Balinski, VP of Services for Enuit, the Houston based vendor of ETRM/CTRM/CM solutions for the global commodities markets. Enuit has been one of... continue reading

New – Conversations with Leaders in CTRM Technology with Chris Mudry of Amphora

We just released a new video in our series “Conversations with Leaders in CTRM Technology”. In this latest video, I spoke with Mr. Mudry about the latest product developments... continue reading

Beacon is Growing Rapidly with a New Technology Approach in CTRM

As we’ve noted often in the last couple of years, there is clearly a growing demand for new CTRM capabilities that don’t rely on the traditional monolithic solutions.  Many... continue reading

Eka is growing rapidly after a fast start to the year.

I recently had the opportunity to get a briefing from Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka, to discuss his company’s strategy, recent results, product initiatives, and market developments.... continue reading

nGenue’s Natural Gas Focus is Paying Dividends

I recently caught up with Richard Pinos, head of customer success for nGenue (the Houston-based provider of natural gas software for marketers, producers, LDCs, utilities, and pipelines) to get... continue reading

A look at Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ acquisition of Pioneer Solutions

With the acquisition of Pioneer Solutions LLC by Hitachi ABB Power Grids, first announced in September of last year, Pioneer’s Financial and Regulatory Risk Management (FARRMS) technology platform has... continue reading

Colonial Pipeline fiasco shines a bright light on cybersecurity

The ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline over the weekend is the type of event that should keep executives of any company operating critical infrastructure assets awake at night.  With... continue reading

Aquilon’s Energy Settlements Network appears to be no more

As we had noted in a Dec 2019 blog post covering a conversation with Aquilon Energy Services’ president Randy Wilson, Aquilon “provides an invoice settlement/reconciliation platform – called the... continue reading

Enuit – a North America update and outlook

I recently checked-in with Keith Thibodeaux, Enuit’s head of sales for the Americas, to see how the firm fared during last year’s challenges and how he sees the market... continue reading

PCI – A Record Year in 2020 and a fast start in 2021

I recently had the opportunity to get an update from Shailesh Mishra, VP at Power Costs Inc. (PCI) in which we discussed PCI’s 2020 results, the outlook for 2021,... continue reading

The Texas power meltdown…there is a story for every agenda.

The events of the last week in the Texas ERCOT market area have become fodder for every conceivable agenda, viewpoint, and argument, including political, environmental, and even cultural debates. ... continue reading