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Quantifi – Growing Success in Commodities

We recently visited with the team at Quantifi, including Sachvir Cheema, Director of Business Development, to get a briefing and a demo covering the firm’s activities and solutions in... continue reading

Molecule – One of the CTRM winners in 2020

As we’ve noted in various reports and posts, the market for CTRM products has been moving away from the traditional monolithic solutions that dominated the market for decades, to... continue reading

Value Creed is growing and has found new success in a pandemic year

As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, Value Creed, a Dallas-headquartered firm, began as a hosting/managed services provider for Allegro users several years ago, augmenting their revenues with some... continue reading

CTRM Cloud – Product flexibility pays off in a Covid-impacted market

CTRM Cloud is a relatively new entrant into the CTRM space, having been actively selling their product only since early 2019.  As a start-up, their leadership team had made... continue reading

Enverus’ CurveBuilder – Raising the bar on forward curve development

As we’ve noted many times on this site in multiple blog posts and reports, data is both the lifeblood and a scourge for energy trading companies.  With new sources... continue reading

Important Note Regarding the CTRM Sourcebook

We received a mass mailed email this morning from a vendor who said that “ComTech Advisory gave us top marks for platform functionality across asset classes…”.  The links associated... continue reading

Pioneer Announces Acquisition by Hitachi ABB

Pioneer Global Solutions, better known in the CTRM space as just Pioneer, announced this afternoon that they are being acquired by Hitachi ABB Power Grids.  ABB had previous acquired... continue reading

Enverus Focused on Price Curves and Risk Management in a COVID World

Last week we spoke with Wendi Orlando, VP or Product Management, Enverus Trading & Risk.  With over 900 customers, Enverus continues to see good activity and continues to grow... continue reading

Adapt2 – Expanding their (ETRM?) market reach

We recently had the opportunity to visit with Jason Kram, executive vice president of Adapt2, a Houston-based technology provider for North American power market players.  The firm was founded... continue reading

The 2020 CTRM Sourcebook is now available

We have just released the 2020 Sourcebook of CTRM Software Suppliers and Products.  This latest addition, with a newly enhanced layout, contains 39 product listing from 31 different vendors... continue reading

Aquilon continues to gain traction and is expanding their service lines

It has been about 9 months since we last caught up with Randy Wilson, CEO of Houston-based Aquilon, an innovative company that provides an invoice settlement/reconciliation platform called the... continue reading

Upcoming webinar – 5 best practices to ensure you are ready for the next trading disruption

I’m looking forward to participating in a joint webinar with Eka’s Colin Cooper next week, Thursday June 25, in which we will look at 5 best practices to ensure... continue reading

PCI – A growing presence in ETRM

Power Costs Inc. (PCI) is an Oklahoma-based vendor of solutions for power markets, from generation to scheduling to transmission & distribution.  Though the company has been in business more... continue reading

Trilogy Effective Software Solutions sees continuing life in upstream oil and gas

I recently caught up with Jeremy Frye, CEO of Trilogy Effective Software Solutions (Trilogy) to find out how the company is fairing with the current chaos in the upstream... continue reading

Time is running out to get your company & product listed in the 2020 CTRM Sourcebook

Just a reminder for those that haven’t yet committed to listing their CTRM products (and/or advertising) in the 2020 CTRM Sourcebook, we only have a couple of weeks left... continue reading

Value Creed’s Leveraged CTRM Support may be more valuable now than ever

When companies implement a new CTRM system on-premises (or even in the cloud), perhaps one of the least appreciated aspects of deploying the new system is the need to... continue reading

Taking out the trash…oil at negative $40 plus per bbl.

Traders caught holding NYMEX May contracts are seeing their nightmares come to life – with no place to store oil, the contract has cratered, and at the time of... continue reading

nGenue is finding success in retail gas, and moving deeper into ETRM

Back in August of last year, I wrote in this blog about the emergence of nGenue in the retail gas markets.  As I wrote at the time, “Mr. (Kenneth)... continue reading

Will Corona crater the CTRM market?

In 2014, the commodities markets pretty much collapsed, with the composite commodities price index falling by 38% between June 2014 and February 2015.  While the impact on sales of... continue reading

Sorting through the terminology of CTRM deployment

Buyers of CTRM systems are clearly, and increasingly, interested in adopting web-delivered solutions and as such, the marketing terminology being used in this market has changed. CTRM vendors now... continue reading

Enuits’ Entrade – Addressing multiple commodities in a single platform

We have often heard from CTRM vendors touting their ability to handle multiple commodities and commodity types in a single platform, spanning from energies such as natural gas, hydrocarbon... continue reading