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Aquilon and the Energy Settlements Network

I recently had the chance to catch-up with Randy Wilson, CEO of Houston-based Aquilon.  For those that aren’t yet familiar with the company, Aquilon provides an invoice settlement/reconciliation platform... continue reading

Hot off the press – ComTech’s 2019 CTRM Market Sizing, Trends and Outlook Report

ComTech Advisory just released our 2019 CTRM Market Sizing, Trend and Outlook report. In that report, we have forecast the 2019 CTRM Market will close the year at $1.7B,... continue reading

2DA – A new company with a new approach to optimizing the petroleum liquids supply chain

Scheduling and tracking crude and refined products has always been a difficult task.  Disparate systems, many with differing views of the transaction (contract vs. trade vs. movements) and lack... continue reading

Looking at Capco’s acquisition of ATOM Solutions

Capco, the global scale technology consulting firm focused in the financial services and energy markets, announced late last week that they were acquiring Houston-based ATOM Solutions, an IT consultancy... continue reading

Trilogy Effective Software Solutions continues moving forward

As we noted in this blog, the co-founder and CEO of Trilogy Effective Software Solutions (Trilogy) and longtime industry veteran, Dick Couron, passed away suddenly several weeks ago. In... continue reading

Energy – Politics versus Reality

Recently, a well known US congresswoman made a rather interesting (and in our opinion, illogical) statement about truth. She said, essentially, that it’s more important to be morally correct... continue reading

Remembering Dick Couron

It with sadness that we learned this week of the unexpected passing of Richard (Dick) Couron, CEO of Trilogy Effective Solutions, this last Saturday. Dick was truly one of... continue reading

nGenue – a new, but mature, solution for retail nat gas

I recently had the chance to visit with Kenneth Hall, CEO, and Richard Pinos, Head of Customer Success at nGenue, a retail natural gas solutions provider.  nGenue traces their... continue reading – Improving Efficiencies in Natural Gas Scheduling

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Jay Bhatty, CEO and founder of Houston-based (NatGasHub).  NatGasHub is a natural gas scheduling service/tool that helps streamline what... continue reading

Has ION cornered the market in CTRM?

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had numerous people ask us what we thought ION’s strategy might be? Are they out to corner the market for trading solutions... continue reading

Prices for ETRM/CTRM solutions haven’t ever really increased…is that about to change?

Having been involved in the ETRM/CTRM market for almost 25 years, most of those as a market analyst, I’m struck by the fact that license prices haven’t increased much,... continue reading

Is Your IT Department Protecting You From the Right CTRM Solution?

I was talking to a vendor salesperson a few days ago (who shall remain nameless). He told me that quite often, they demonstrate their solution to the IT department... continue reading

2019 CTRM Sourcebook

As Gary previously noted, we’ve just released the 2019 CTRM Sourcebook!  This latest addition includes 38 detailed product listings from 31 different vendors and covers the vast majority of... continue reading

A Role for Social Media?

Social media have become a very popular medium and arguably a relatively untapped source of potentially useful intelligence for commodity businesses. Twitter and industry expert blogs are already utilized... continue reading

5 CTRM Storylines to watch in 2019

As the new year dawns, we at ComTech are watching developments on a number of fronts. That said, we’ve picked out five that could be bellwethers of the trajectory... continue reading

Speaking of UI’s…as a dinosaur

Gary, in recent blog posts, touched on the future of the user interface found in CTRM systems, both near-term and futuristic (Zero UI).  He and I are in complete... continue reading

The Combined Brand Strength of ION Now Dominates CTRM

In the soon to be released 2018 CTRM Vendor Perception Study by Commodity Technology Advisory, the strength of the combined ION acquisitions has been measured for the first time... continue reading

InstaNext is quietly finding solid success

InstaNext, based in Bentonville Arkansas, may not be a widely-known brand in CTRM/CM, but they have notched a number of impressive wins in the last couple of years and... continue reading

Eka Digital CM Platform and the changing CTRM technology paradigm

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Manav Garg, CEO & Founder of Eka, to discuss the company’s recent results, announcements and new developments. Referencing recent... continue reading

iRely is back and finding solid success in Ags and Softs

We had the opportunity to catch-up with iRely recently, visiting with Meetesh Shah, iRely’s president, and Greg Taylor, an experienced and well-respected CTRM executive serving on the company’s board... continue reading

The Emergence of the Mega Vendor?

Over the last 25 years or so, the talk around the virtual ComTech water cooler will occasionally turn to the topic of “which vendor or vendors, if any, will... continue reading