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Patrick Reames - Author Archive

OpenLink is moving rapidly to the Cloud

I attended OpenLink’s 2016 Global Summit last week in New York City and had the privilege to visit with a number of OpenLink’s customers and executives as the company... continue reading

ComTech releases our latest research report – ETRM in a Low Commodity Price Environment

I’m sure everyone reading this blog is well aware of the current energy market conditions – persistent low prices across almost all energy commodities, regulatory changes that have impacted... continue reading

CubeLogic Returns as an Independent Company

Four years after they were acquired by OpenLink, CubeLogic has returned to the market as an independent entity.  In speaking with OpenLink senior management about the divestment of CubeLogic,... continue reading

Gary Craze joins the CTRMCenter Blog

We’re pleased to announce that longtime CTRM industry veteran, Gary Craze, has joined the CTRMCenter blog as a contributor.  Now, in addition to insights, news and opinion from Commodity... continue reading

Catching up with capSpire

Last week, I visited with Lance Laubach, CEO of capSpire, over a cup of coffee to catch-up on recent developments with his company and, more generally, get his views... continue reading

Time is short – Please participate in our latest market research effort

We’re seeking your participation in a new research effort by Commodity Technology Advisory. This new project looks at the impacts and implications of low priced energy commodities as they... continue reading

CTRM Zombies

With the market for ETRM/CTRM software now almost 25 years old, I find it interesting to look back at the litany of vendors and products that have succeeded, disappeared... continue reading

Oil Traders Panic…not because of prices, but because Yahoo Messenger is going away

Yahoo announced last month that they’re ending support of their legacy versions of their IM product, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and after August 5 will only support their web-based version.... continue reading

A reminder – Please participate in our latest survey!

We’re seeking your participation in a new research effort by Commodity Technology Advisory. This new project looks at the impacts and implications of low priced energy commodities as they... continue reading

The Desk is Back!

I’ve been a follower of John Sodergreen’s publications for years.  Under the banner of Scudder Publishing, his market reports, including The Desk (which launched in 1998), were always chock-full... continue reading

Paragon Energy Software Joins CTRMConference as Bronze Sponsor

Paragon Energy Software joins the 2016 CTRM Conference as a Bronze sponsor. We very much appreciate their support. As they note on their website, “(Paragon) is comprised of industry... continue reading

New Research – Critical Issues in ETRM in a low price market environment

ComTech is seeking your participation in a new survey and research effort – this new project looks at the impacts and implications of low-priced energy commodities as they relate... continue reading

The 2016 CTRM Vendor Perceptions Report is now available

ComTech’s latest report on market views and perceptions of CTRM technology vendors and solutions has just released and is available for download or online reading.  This 2016 CTRM Vendor... continue reading

Catching up with FIS Energy’s Markus Seiser

Last week at FIS’s Customer Summit in Orlando, I had the opportunity to sit and visit with Dr. Markus Seiser, head of the FIS Energy group. In a quick... continue reading

Paragon Energy Software – a new name and new product

I had the opportunity to visit with Paragon Energy Software a couple of weeks ago to catch-up on the latest developments in the energy credit space and find out... continue reading

CTRM Vendor Perceptions Survey – Less than a week left!

Just a reminder…ComTech will close the survey effort for the vendor perception study at the end of April, so there is just a few days left to share your... continue reading

New Video – A Conversation with Michael Hinton, CCO and SVP of Allegro

I was in Dallas last week to visit with the team at Allegro, including Paul French, the company’s new CMO, Samantha Johnston, VP of Marketing and Michael Hinton, Allegro‘s... continue reading

ComTech releases the 2016 CTRM Market Update

New report provides an interim review of market trends and market size ComTech has just released our 2016 CTRM Market Update report, which is an interim update to our... continue reading

Amphora Leadership Confident in Re-launch of Company

In light of Amphora’s recent press release touting the “reloaded” company, I visited today with Don Levantin, Amphora’s CEO and Rick Nelson, their president, to find out more about... continue reading

Lets talk about this blog for a minute…

I’ve had two different conversations this week with people I’ve not spoken to before – each worked in a mid-level role with different solutions vendors.  Both noted that they... continue reading

ComTech Advisory – 3 Years and Counting

I’ve been reminded by LinkedIn that February marked the 3 year anniversary of Commodity Technology (ComTech) Advisory LLC.  First, I want to say thanks to the dozens of my... continue reading