Invensoft Sponsors CTRM Conference

Invensoft Technologies once again is sponsoring the CTRM Conference at the bronze level. We thank them for their support. Invensoft Technologies is an Information Technology Company providing Commodity Management... continue reading

Allegro Sponsors CTRM Conference

Allegro has signed up for a break sponsorship for the CTRM Conference and we thank Allegro for its kind support. Allegro Development Corp. is a global leader in commodity... continue reading

CTRM Conference – What You Will Learn

The CTRM Conference is on October 5th in Amsterdam. This year we are co-hosted with EMART but in no way does this mean we are focussed on energy. We... continue reading

Factum joins list of sponsors for the CTRMConference

We’re pleased to announce that Factum Ltd, a US and UK based consultancy, has joined the growing list of supporters of the 2017 CTRMConference as a Bronze sponsor.  While... continue reading

If You Have Anything to do with CTRM Software – This is a MUST Attend Event

Every year, I swear I will never try to do another CTRM Conference again. Not only is it time consuming organizationally, it is nail biting stuff seeing people register... continue reading

Five Year CTRM Market Outlook – 2017-2021

We have just released our 5 year outlook for the global CTRM markets as part of our 2016-2021 CTRM Market Outlook Report.  This year’s report is available in an... continue reading

Brady Results Commentary

Brady PLC released its results today for the 6 months to June 30th 2017. The company did four license deals in H1 2017 on a recurring revenue basis  and... continue reading

Hurricane Harvey and Social Media

I’ve heard it said that social media is the democratization of information, a place where everyone gets their say…and that, frankly, is why it’s become almost useless as a... continue reading

Visiting With AnyData Solutions

An interesting trend that we have observed in recent months and years is in the development of various development platforms that allow rapid development and deployment of applications and... continue reading

Inatech Support 2017 CTRM Conference With A Bronze Sponsorship

Our thanks to Inatech for their support of the 2017 CTRM Conference with a Bronze sponsorship package. Inatech is a global provider of cloud ETRM and fuel management software... continue reading

One Month To Go

There is now just one month to go before the 2017 CTRM Conference in Amsterdam. The early bird discount on registrations is good for another two weeks…. The agenda... continue reading

Pioneer Solutions Sponsor 2017 CTRM Conference

Pioneer Solutions has signed up as a Bronze sponsor of the 2017 CTRM Conference. We thank them for their support. Pioneer Solutions´ mission is to provide enterprise-wide Trading and... continue reading

Powel’s Intraday and automated trading solutions

I recently took a briefing from Powel, primarily around their intra-day and automated trading offerings. Powel is now a sizable company with offices in 7 countries including south America... continue reading

New Models For CTRM Procurement?

In the past, the typical CTRM procurement often involved long and expensive RFIs and RFPs, demonstrations, scorings and decisions. With the advent of the cloud along with all of... continue reading

Where is CTRM Headed?

This last 6-months or so, this is a question I have been asking myself. The interest levels in Blockchain are high and many trials are being conducted in the... continue reading

Dislocations and Adaptions

In our book and many different papers over the years, Patrick and I have talked about the evolution of C/ETRM software in terms of technology adoption curves and market... continue reading