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King Coal is Dead. Long Live the King.

My Opa, a Texas-German farmer like his father and his father’s father before him, were keenly aware of that time-honored proverb “Make hay while the sun shines.” While the meaning was perhaps distinctly more literal for them in terms of actually getting the hay in before bad weather set in,... continue reading

Give Us A Briefing?

I often get asked the question – How do we get on the blog? Actually, I like that question a lot because the answer is easy – give us a briefing! As analysts, we try to keep up with the industry and a part of that activity is talking to... continue reading

ComTech releases our latest research report – ETRM in a Low Commodity Price Environment

I’m sure everyone reading this blog is well aware of the current energy market conditions – persistent low prices across almost all energy commodities, regulatory changes that have impacted all markets and continue to change in others, the influx of renewable energy sources and any number of regional or localized... continue reading

Solving Risk Reporting Issues in Heterogeneous CTRM Environments

I had a fascinating call with TRADESPARENT last Friday. TRADESPARENT provides a platform-independent Risk Management Solution for commodity traders & processors that supports the analysis of commodity-related risk, margins and performance primarily in the ags and softs space. Norbert Verhagen (Managing Director) told me that it too is seeing an... continue reading

Last Call!

The 2016 CTRM Conference will take place on October 27th at the Amba Marble Arch Hotel in London. While most conferences will cost a delegate in excess of 1000GBP to register for, we like to keep the prices to a level where it makes sense to attend. At 400GBP per... continue reading

CTRM Conference Roundtable Unmissable?

The first roundtable discussion at the forthcoming 2016 CTRM Conference should be something rather special as it is focused on “Critical Issues for CTRM Users in a Low Cost Environment.” The broad collapse in most wholesale prices, which began in earnest mid-year 2014, has resulted in a prolonged period of... continue reading

Factum Ltd. Sponsors CTRMConference Opening Reception

Consulting company, Factum Ltd., has kindly agreed to sponsor the opening reception of the 2016 CTRM Conference in London on the evening of October 26th (The CTRM Conference takes place on October 27th). Factum Ltd’s mission is to partner with clients and transform their business from within. It realizes that... continue reading

Nuclear Energy – The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

“In a vast, seven-story hole in the ground 43 miles west of Pittsburgh, massive sections of steel plate are being welded together to form gigantic cylinders. Heavy pipes for carrying superhot radioactive water are being run between the cylinders. Thousands of cubic yards of concrete are being poured to make... continue reading

Early Bird Bird Tickets still available for 2016 CTRMConference

The CTRM Conference is a unique 1-day event that is focused on the $1.6billion CTRM software category and will take place on the 27th October in London. It brings together end users, service practitioners and software vendors to spend a day focused on some of the key issues and trends... continue reading

Contigo and Lacima partner on new enTrader Risk Module

A common criticism over the years of many commercially available ETRM solutions in the past has been that, while they may be strong on the transaction management side, they have often fallen a bit short on the risk management side and lack comprehensive and analytical tools. Contigo recently announced its... continue reading

Increasing Role of the Internet Threatened by DDoS Attacks

Last week, a French hosting company experienced the largest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack ever recorded. The attack was conducted by a botnet composed of at least 150,000 Internet of Things devices and it reached over 1Tbps. In fact, the company was hit by multiple attacks of over 100Gbps... continue reading

CubeLogic Returns as an Independent Company

Four years after they were acquired by OpenLink, CubeLogic has returned to the market as an independent entity.  In speaking with OpenLink senior management about the divestment of CubeLogic, they indicated they made the move in order to focus more on their flagship products – which they believe is the... continue reading

Risk Edge Become Bronze Level Sponsors of CTRM Conference

Risk Edge has become a bronze level sponsor of the CTRM Conference. We thank them for their support of this event. Risk Edge is a pioneer in Risk & Predictive Analytics with focus on Energy and Commodities Industry. Its software and consulting solutions are geared to solve critical problems for... continue reading

Brady CAB Convenes in Stockholm: A Change in Strategy in the Offing?

I had never been to Stockholm or Sweden for that matter. So the invitation to speak at the Brady PLC CAB in Stockholm was something I was looking forward to. I was not disappointed. My topic was ‘CTRM in a Low Commodity Price environment’ and it seemed well received, essentially... continue reading

Raising the Next Generation of Commodity Traders

It was the early ‘70s and I was done with the “kids games” of my youth. Chutes & Ladders, Sorry, and a colorful deck of Go-Fish cards sat gathering dust on the shelf while I fed my infatuation with grown-up board games such as Monopoly and Clue. Then my parents... continue reading

Is European CTRM Demand Finally Picking Up?

With significantly lower commodity prices, a plethora of new regulations to deal with, structural changes in the industry (read renewables largely), more difficult to find trading opportunities and so on, the market for CTRM software has been difficult this last 18-months or so. However, with much of the regulatory work... continue reading

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