Critical Issues in ETRM in a low price market environment
ETRM In a Low Commodity Price Environment
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2016 CTRM Conference – Speaker Profile – Stanislav Shcheredin

The CTRM Conference will have a strong regulatory focus in the early afternoon and one of the presentations will look at the Impact of future capital regulation on business model of commodity trading firms. It will be delivered by Mr. Stanislav Shcheredin of PWC. Stanislav Shcheredin Stanislav has about 9 years experience in Risk and Regulation consulting industry leading and implementing enterprise wide risk transformation projects, front to back implementation and quantitative risk measurement and management projects for top tier investment banks, central counterparty clearing houses and commodity dealers. In PwC Stanislav is currently leading an Enterprise Risk Management proposition for commodity dealers in Financial Services Risk & Regulation to bring together commodity trading at investment banks and commodity trading firms. Prior to PwC Stanislav worked in Deloitte and KPMG... continue reading

2016 CTRM Conference – Speaker Profile – Alex Shaw

Mr. Alex Shaw, Business Development Manager for the LME, will deliver a presentation on Warehousing & Beyond: Observations on the Global Commodity Financing Ecosystem. Given recent scandals around inventory in warehouses used as collateral multiple times, this is a very important topic. The LME has introduced a new software platform – LME Shield – to help with tracking, audit and assurance around inventory in warehouses. About Alex Shaw Alex focuses on the development of new products and services, particularly in relation to warehouse receipting and precious metals. He is also responsible for client engagement for the LBMA Platinum and Palladium Price Discovery Process. Prior to joining the LME, Alex was a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte, where he led client engagements and teams on projects across financial services. Projects included development... continue reading

2016 CTRM Conference – Speaker Profile – Saurabh Goyal

Here in the second of our speaker profiles, we feature Mr. Saurabh Goyal, of OLAM Europe Ltd. Mr. Goyal will speak on the topic ‘CTRM: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities – An end users view‘ in the afternoon of the CTRM Conference. Saurabh Goyal Saurabh has overall 18 years of experience in the trading and risk management domain. Saurabh currently heads the CTRM portfolio for Olam Europe Ltd. In the last 7 years at Olam, he has implemented & supported several CTRM solutions for agri products like Grains, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Palm/Rubber and CFS (Commodity Financial Services). He also lead the development of Olam’s Risk portal where all the enterprise, counterparty, credit and market risks are consolidated. Saurabh holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s in business... continue reading

CTRM Zombies

With the market for ETRM/CTRM software now almost 25 years old, I find it interesting to look back at the litany of vendors and products that have succeeded, disappeared or have simply hung around over that time. While the few earliest solutions that were available in what has become the CTRM market were dedicated to managing wholesale trading in US natural gas, the continuing liberalization of energy and other commodity markets around the globe, combined with the growing adoption of vendor supplied products, has led to a huge growth in vendor counts. The number of vendors and products that offer capabilities for managing some or all of the commodity trading and risk management value chain has grown from just a handful in the early 90’s to over 100 today. Very... continue reading

2016 CTRM Conference – Speaker Profile

In the run up to the 2016 CTRM Conference, we will feature some of our speakers lined up for the event. This year we have a compelling line up of presentations and roundtables to make the CTRM Conference a must attend event to learn about the factors impacting this important software category. Additionally, with all sides of the industry well represented, the CTRM Conference is the premier networking event for anyone looking at or using CTRM software. In the afternoon, we have a session devoted to metals and one of the sessions will be a joint presentation by metals and risk experts David Waite and Michael Lockwood of CRM Associates on How metal processing companies use CTRM system to maximize effectiveness and reduce costs David Waite David Waite has spent... continue reading

August In Europe: A Continent On Vacation

One thing I know very well is that Americans simply don’t take proper vacations. In Europe, I think the other extreme may well be true! For me, August is pretty much a write off. Europe is on vacation and that is all there is to it. In my 20-years living in Texas, I rarely had more than a long weekend off. That was just the way it was and as time went by I got used to it. I got into American Football, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball as well while living there. Now I am back in Europe, my interest in those sports has waned dramatically in favor of what we call football – soccer. I have also learned to ‘put up’ with elongated summer holidays again and routinely disappear... continue reading

Where are They Now?

Patrick and I started in the CTRM world early. A long time ago now. We were both at a vendor by the name of TransEnergy Management based in the Houston office. The company was eventually acquired by Altra and while Patrick made the transition to Altra, I did not founding my own business instead. Those were heady days indeed! FERC 636 had revolutionized natural gas markets in the US and shortly thereafter, electric power followed in terms of deregulation. Now, of course, liquid hydrocarbon trading had been going on a while already but it was the opening of natural gas end electric power wholesale markets that truly got the ETRM and later, CTRM software sector started. Back then, the vendor landscape was different but in some ways similar. There were... continue reading

CTRM Conference Agenda Finalized

The agenda of the CTRM Conference is now mostly finalized with only confirmation of initial roundtable panelists now being waited on. The full agenda can be found at the CTRM Conference website. ABOUT CTRM CONFERENCE The CTRM Conference is a unique 1-day event that is focused on the $1.6billion CTRM software category to be held at The Thistle Marble Arch hotel, London on October 27th, 2016. The conference brings together end user, service practitioners and vendors to spend a day focused on some of the key issues and trends impacting the software category. Hosted and facilitated by ComTech Advisory, the leading analysts in the CTRM software space, the CTRM Conference brings a compelling agenda of presentations, knowledge sharing and roundtable discussions involving key users of CTRM and associated software and... continue reading

CTRM Conference Regulatory Panel Finalised

The 2016 CTRM Conference to be held October 27th in London will look at CTRM software in the current business environment of lower margins and higher costs. One such cost has been the swathe of new regulations hitting energy and commodity trading and one of the three panel discussions will focus on that regulatory environment. “Regulation – Addressing Emerging Challenges by Learning from Past Experiences” will be introduced by regulatory expert Mr. Aviv Handler and feature Mr. Geoff Boon of eControl, Mr. Gavin Fergson of Centrica, Mr. Riccardo Rossi of Gazprom Marketing and Trading and Mr. Shane Henley of Barringa Partners LLP. The panel will take questions from the floor moderated by Mr. Handler. In fact, by the end of today, the entire agenda will be finalised and it is... continue reading

David and Goliath

For the last twenty-years, I have been reliably informed by all sorts of experts that eventually, the CTRM software sector would come down to one dominant player and two or three smaller competitors. I recall being told this by the big wigs of the investment bank that had just placed a bunch of money into TransEnergy Management – at that time, a leading ETRM software vendor that I happened to be VP of Marketing for, back two decades ago. Then we saw an entity by the name of Caminus start buying up all of the smaller vendors and even go for an IPO. “There you go,” I was told. Throughout this entire time, I basically disagreed with these software space experts and was quite vocal about it too (No surprise... continue reading

Oil Traders Panic…not because of prices, but because Yahoo Messenger is going away

Yahoo announced last month that they’re ending support of their legacy versions of their IM product, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and after August 5 will only support their web-based version. Unfortunately, for global oil traders who have for almost 2 decades used Yahoo IM as one their two default communication/trading channels (the other being the phone), the new version of Yahoo IM doesn’t support the capture/recording of conversations and allows users to “unsend” messages…meaning the new version of Yahoo IM will not be compliant with trading regulations in most jurisdictions. Though a number of alternative platforms exist, recent news stories indicate the loss of Yahoo IM has sent some oil traders into an emotional crisis, with one being quoted on Reuters as saying, “You have no idea how much I’ll miss... continue reading

Perfect Channel Announced as Bronze Sponsor of 2016 CTRM Conference

Perfect Channel, the experts in creating intelligent, enterprise-level auction and trading technologies, are the latest company to sponsor the 2016 CTRM Conference and we thank Perfect Channel for its support. Perfect Channel partners with its clients to build global, dynamic marketplaces to reach new customers, optimise pricing and liquidity and deliver real-time trading insight. Find out more at ABOUT CTRM CONFERENCE The CTRM Conference is a unique 1-day event that is focused on the $1.6billion CTRM software category to be held at The Thistle Marble Arch hotel, London on October 27th, 2016. The conference brings together end user, service practitioners and vendors to spend a day focused on some of the key issues and trends impacting the software category. Hosted and facilitated by ComTech Advisory, the leading analysts in... continue reading

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ETRM In a Low Commodity Price Environment
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