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2018 Vendor Perception Study

Commodity Technology Advisory is in the early stages of commencing the 2018 Vendor Perception Study. Conducted every two years, this study gauges end users and consultants opinions on market leadership across various categories for CTRM products and vendors and is a highly anticipated report. Having a long history of conducting this study, we also have an ability to discuss historical trends in market perceptions and leadership on the part of buyers and influencers in the industry. The previous report, issued in 2016 is available to download in the publications section of this site as well as at other document download sites. It is widely downloaded and utilized.

In 2018, more emphasis will be placed on Ags & Softs by adding greater granularity across the categories there. Ags & Softs is a rapidly growing market with many vendors participating and it also has a commodity management as well as trading & risk management aspect to it.

The 2018 study results will be interesting. Given the M&A activity in the industry in recent months, the rapid rise of the cloud, and the emergence of Commodity Management vendors, the results are highly likely to change although, perceptions tend to be a trailing indicator as they reflect the past. Essentially, we ask respondents to name vendors from memory (without prompting via a list for example) and the results of this are a good benchmark of brand awareness.

AdvertisingEKA Turbo Charge Trading Systems in Weeks

Currently, we are seeking sponsors and advertisers via a prospectus. If your firm has interest, please ask us for the prospectus.

In previous years, platinum sponsors have also been invited to participate in a video interview. For 2016, you can find those interviews here for OLF and Allegro.