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2021 CTRM SourceBook

The 2021 CTRM SourceBook was published earlier this week. It contains a record number of listings – 57 different products from 42 different vendors. It also contains a list of vendors who did not participate for completeness.  The idea behind the SourceBook is to provide an aid to those looking to procure a solution. The CTRM software market is full of vendors and software products and quite dynamic so that new ones emerge each year. This book, used in conjunction with our online directory, is a tool that can help you narrow down your choice to a smaller shortlist while being sure that you have included all possible vendors in the search and not just the better known solution providers. It is also a FREE download and consequently, it is very widely utilised. Do download the latest version (20210) to have an up to date version as things do change rapidly in CTRM software.

Of course, as the leading analyst firm in the CTRM software space, ComTech can also provide incremental help and assistance although we do not perform software selections, we do engage with buyers to help them understand the landscape of vendors and we do offer a market sweep project in which we help you identify that shortlist. We can, of course, offer some expert guidance at any step of the way around topics like;

  • How to put together an RFI/RFP
  • How to conduct a RFP process
  • What to think about for implementation
  • How to negotiate a contract
  • More detailed vendor insights
  • A historical perspective and, much more – simply contact us.
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