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AgFlow Has New Leadership as it Moves into Market Intelligence Provision

AgFlow has a new CEO as reported at the end of September. Sacha Prost now has the position and will lead the business going forward as Nabil Mseddi has... continue reading

Agiboo Has a Vision for the Future

It’s always interesting to chat with Jan van den Brom over at Agiboo. With a long history of consulting and, over the last several years, providing software to the... continue reading

Invensoft’s Expanding Footprint

Among the vendors enjoying success in a buoyant market for CTRM and related software is Invensoft. Founder and CEO, Prasad Raju, told me recently that it had signed several... continue reading

Agiboo Sees Emerging New Trends Driving CTRM Demand.

There is no doubt that the market for CTRM and related software is hot this year. Almost all vendors report significant activity and signings in almost all geographies and... continue reading

Agiboo Sees Technology and Architecture Gaining Importance as a Buying Criterion

A conversation with Jan van den Brom of Agiboo is always fun and informative. He is quick to spot trends and this recent conversation was full of Jan’s observations... continue reading

Agiboo and the ‘Perfect Storm.’

Jan van den Brom of Agiboo describes the situation there as the ‘perfect storm’ in which it has almost too many new customers and implementation going on at the... continue reading

AgFlow – Agricultural Data Aggregator Expanding Digital Platform

One very important requirement in commodity trading is, of course, market data. Last week, I was introduced to a market data provider on the Ags side of things called... continue reading

Risk Edge Innovating in Predictive Analytics with AI and ML

It had been quite a while since I had spoken with Nitin Gupta, founder & CEO of Risk Edge Solutions. Now like many others, in lockdown in India and... continue reading

Will the Trade Deal Help Commodities?

Part One of the US-China trade deal has been signed. It’s a strange thing but there didn’t seem to be much coverage of this temporary ceasing of US-China trade... continue reading

ERP + CTRM in the Cloud – That’s What Satoshi Systems is Rolling Out!

I first met Saurabh Goyal a few years ago as he was a speaker at one of our CTRM Conference events. At the time, he was head of IT... continue reading

HiveDome’s ITAS Services Help Unlock New Opportunities

A couple of weeks back while in London, I met with Sean Milton who covers business development and client support for Hivedome. Hivedome markets and supports ITAS, a commodity... continue reading

A Word with Brady PLC CEO – Carmen Carey

Brady PLC recently appointed Ms. Carmen Carey as CEO and I had the opportunity to talk with her and learn more about her background and approach to the role... continue reading

FIS Kiodex Focus on Food & Beverage segment pays off

FIS Kiodex continues to report a robust pipeline for their software particularly in the food & beverage space; where it has been focused in recent times adding physical ags... continue reading

TRADESPARENT Spreads Its Wings

A week or so ago, I spoke with Ricardo Rosa of TRADESPARENT to get an update on the company and a read on how he saw the market. TRADESPARENT... continue reading

SAP Commodity Management Has Significant Impetus

We have been tracking SAP with interest for the last several years in its efforts around its commodity management solution. To that end, we recently had another briefing with... continue reading

Agiboo Enjoying Good Demand for Agiblocks Amidst Industry Change

Just before heading to Essen for E-World last week, I had a briefing call with co-founder and Managing Partner, Mr. Jan van den Brom, and CEO, Mr. Bart Kroon,... continue reading

Mining ‘Gold’ From Data

The explosion of data combined with the application of proper data management, AI and ML and visualization tools is opening up previously unheard of opportunities in commodity trading –... continue reading

Commodities Engineering and Balsamo Ready to Take Off

What do you do if you work in the commodities trading business implementing CTRM for many years only to discover that each system has its own shortcomings? You start... continue reading

iRely is back and finding solid success in Ags and Softs

We had the opportunity to catch-up with iRely recently, visiting with Meetesh Shah, iRely’s president, and Greg Taylor, an experienced and well-respected CTRM executive serving on the company’s board... continue reading

SAP’s Commodity Management Forum

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the SAP Commodity Management Forum in Heidelberg, Germany with around 70 other attendees. I was keen to get an update on SAP’s... continue reading

TRADESPARENT Broadens its Scope

TRADESPARENT continues to grow and is expanding in the US and Asia, Norbert Verhagen told me in a recent catch up call. The company has just completed a rebranding... continue reading