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AgFlow Has New Leadership as it Moves into Market Intelligence Provision

AgFlow has a new CEO as reported at the end of September. Sacha Prost now has the position and will lead the business going forward as Nabil Mseddi has stepped down from that position, although he remains a shareholder, according to a recent announcement from the business. Prost will lead the business through an extension phase from pure data provision into a market intelligence company by launching data handling services & insight consulting. As its website states, its mission is to “empower agribusiness professionals worldwide with cutting-edge market intelligence solutions that seamlessly integrate into their daily operations, ensuring informed and profitable decision-making.” To that end, I spoke with marketing head, Annelise Bremme, recently to get more information.

New CEO – Sacha Prost

Ms. Bremme informed me that the business is already working to integrate an AI chat on its platform to aid users understand market trends as well as working on its look and feel so that users have a personalized dashboard designed to be customized according to specific use cases. Its focus is to help users identify trends and take actions based on them, she told me.  On the price data side, AgFlow provides the ability for users to “build and analyze trading models with 4,000 exclusive, live & detailed agricultural commodities’ prices daily,” for example. It offers similar tools in areas like price curves, freight rates, cargo tracking, weather and so on. The firm sees a need to cater for the growing digitalization trend it sees in its customers and changes in expectations as younger employees reach positions of responsibility within its customers – a theme we have heard echoed many times this week in many discussions across the industry.

AgFlow is now around 20 staffs having doubled in size since we last had an update from the vendor. While most are based in Geneva, it also has people in Turkey, Belgium, France, west Africa, and the Netherlands, she informed me. She also told me that uptake is going well and that negotiation times are decreasing such that bringing on new customers is easier. Customers tend to be trading firms like the ABCDs, importers and exporters. AgFlow is part of a trend also that we are seeing that aims to utilize available modern technologies to shift gear from just providing data or a service, to proving actionable and timely intelligence, and added value.

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