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Catching Up With Cadran

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with Ed Pieters, CEO of Cadran Consultancy, to see how things were going. I discovered that Cadran has been very busy.

Cadran offers a CTRM/CM solution on the JD Edwards platform and markets the product across a broad territory via the Redfaire International consortium (and other resellers), and this is both an intriguing model as well as one that is commonly utilized in the ERP space. Redfaire was founded by three original partners – Cadran (covering Benelux), Redfaire (covering UK, France and Ireland) and FSS (Covering Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Belarus). However, Redfaire has now added Xperitus for the Nordic countries, SinFoOne for Italy, and Qualita for the Iberian countries. Additionally, it has added a North American reseller in Denovo and a South-African reseller in Aicrem. It is currently in negotiations with others to cover territories such as New Zealand-Australia and other countries.

Not content with adding resellers and support capabilities in many other locations, Mr. Pieters explained to me the added functionality it has built in the last 6-months and is now available in Release 3 of the product. The added functionality has been in the area of adding the ability to set up and flexibly capture various ‘characteristics’ of commodities at contract and other levels in the solution. Essentially, these are the physical and other properties that are use to price, describe, and specify different commodities. Cadran’s approach has been comprehensive to say the least, ensuring that specifications can be defined and acted upon all through the supply chain. It also put a lot of enhancements in areas like contracts, delivery schemas, and allocations to really bolster the product and create a neat cross commodity solution.

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Not content with simply adding functionality, Cadran has also integrated the Oracle BI tools and offers dashboards, graphical user interfaces, and reports through this integration. One area that impressed me particularly for a more Commodity Management-type solution was the risk reporting that extends to liquidity reports, borrowing reports, position reports, mark to market and more. Cadran’s software is now shaping up into a true CTRM that along with the JD Edwards ERP for commodities functionality equates to a fairly robust Commodity Management solution.

So with all of that activity, is the effort turning into business and users I asked? Apparently so as Mr. Pieters is experiencing a strong revenue growth in the last year and the company now have six installations – several of them at major, global users for multiple commodities. One area where Cadran is seeing real traction is in dairy where it also has a strong sales funnel. However, interest is across multiple commodities and Mr. Pieters is confident that with the product enhancements, expanded sales and support reach, and new referenceable customers, that Cadran will be able to convert that interest into users. The company has also added a number of CTRM specialists to help it do so.

While CTRM sales activity has experienced a period of relative weakness over the last couple of years especially perhaps in ags and softs, the Commodity Management side has performed better. Cadran and its competitors have all reported forward momentum in the market and it seems managing physical commodities and their supply chains is one space where interest is strong. Cadran do appear well placed to benefit.