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TRADESPARENT Broadens its Scope

TRADESPARENT continues to grow and is expanding in the US and Asia, Norbert Verhagen told me in a recent catch up call. The company has just completed a rebranding to better reflect what it believes to be its differentiation and capabilities; offering data and analytics solutions. Our mission is “to assist companies in unlocking the full potential of their data through the creation of a One Single Source of Truth Data Repository and the application of intelligent analytics to bring their data to life,” Mr. Verhagen told me. Now with 10 customers, including a number of prestigious brands in the ags & softs space, it has found mileage on the regulatory reporting side of things as well as the risk and analytics side by virtue of its single trade repository approach and architecture. “It is a fully integrated data integration / reporting solution specific for commodity businesses,” he said.

Its solution offers a way to extract relevant trade and other data from underlying CTRM’s and other applications and bring that data into a data repository where it can then be accessed and reported on in many different ways through a usable user interface. Initially focused on providing enterprise risk reporting and analysis, its approach obviously provides customers with additional benefits when it comes to extracting usable insights and intelligence from that data. “It unlocks financial and commercial data available within the various IT-systems and/or other data sources of the company (including spreadsheets) without disruption of the IT-systems in place,” Mr. Verhagen said. As a result, TRADESPARENT enables real time Compliance, Risk and Margin Management features and Dynamic Margin Management.

Focusing on the data has been the key to TRADESPARENTS success and growth to date and the company is continuing to see how more value can be added in areas like predictive analytics utilizing AI and machine learning, he told me pointing to a year end roll-out of additional functionality. However, it is regulatory compliance where it is finding traction right now. “Most companies are really not ready and the whole industry is seeking solutions,” he said. TRADESPARENT has a fully integrated solution to report to trade repositories and already does so to the CME, Regis and DTCC, for example.

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The TRADESPARENT offering is intriguing as it fits into the overall ecosystem or architecture as a horizontal overlay as envisaged by ComTech back in 2016 when we published our CTRM as an Architecture paper. This envisaged specialized vertical niche solutions for groups of commodities with horizontal overlays for risk analytics, regulatory reporting etc.

It seems as if TRADESPARENT is about to get even more active in the market with sales capabilities in Asia, US and other regions. We will stay in touch and report on further developments