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EnergyScan – A holistic suite of analytical data on energy and commodity markets

Consolidated energy and commodity market insights, analytics forecasts derived from AI tools, and up-to-date reports and news provided in one accessible platform and visualized in form of graphs and reports…  Isn’t it what a large audience encompassing traders, producers, utilities, and investors alike is looking for?  Then they might want to look at EnergyScan as one provider of such a tool reviewed below.

Looking into its features, EnergyScan provides an extensive array of historical data, including demand, supply, and prices for various commodities, categorized by country and region. The tool enhances the data with analytics such as price volatility, spreads, or, for example, the frequency of negative power prices on a per-country and per-month basis. Users can easily compare countries and regions, examine power generation by fuel, and access daily price data for key markets. The platform also delivers insightful reports explaining market trends and factors influencing energy markets, such as, for example, temperature forecasts.

For those interested in long-term trends, EnergyScan incorporates macro-economic data related to stock, bond, and FX markets. Global indicators enable users to compare crucial economic KPIs such as GDP growth rates, inflation, and trade balances and more for major economies.

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Furthermore, EnergyScan provides AI-based price forecasting. Users can access monthly price forecasts for primary energy commodities and FX rates, providing valuable insights for both short- and mid-term planning. The platform also offers a five-year trend forecast, which can be useful for building a long-term strategy by any company working on energy and commodity markets.

Where does all this information come from and how to prove its accuracy?  I asked this question to Maurice Tessier from Engie. He told me that the history of EnergyScan starts at Engie, where analysts initially compiled this information for in-house traders. Recognizing its broader utility, Engie transformed the tool into a fully productized solution accessible to the wider market, Maurice explained. Engie employs an internally developed methodology, and the forecasts are supplemented by market insights and argumentation in the reports. In essence, the EnergyScan is offering a holistic suite of tools and information to empower stakeholders across the energy and commodity markets, with its roots grounded in Engie’s proven expertise and commitment to accuracy.