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Busy Days at ComTech

The last few months have been incredibly busy at ComTech. Patrick has been really under the kosh with multiple project on the go but in the end, the fact that we are busy is good. Apart from an almost record number of white papers for clients and ourselves that can be found here, we completed the Disruptive Technologies Update report – that was a lot of work! Meanwhile, very shortly, we will issue the 2021 Sourcebook and I can tell you that it contains a record number of listings and as primarily Patrick’s project, has kept him occupied to say the least. The CTRM Sourcebook has become a key and critical tool for thousands as they seek to procure software as something that can identify candidates quickly and easily – especially if utilized along with our directory here.  The new CTRM Sourcebook lists 56 CTRM and related products! However, we still track over 100 in the directory.

At the same time, we have worked on a couple of end user projects. These have been essentially Market Sweeps mostly where we help assemble high-level requirements and then sweep all potential solutions in the market arriving at a recommended shortlist for the client’s further evaluation. Although, we have also performed assessments of currently installed solutions versus the market and reviews of certain types of software for others. Other projects have been vendor oriented and involved looking at various markets in terms of size and evolution possibilities as well as helping in terms of product and marketing strategies.

To keep this site fairly busy, we also take briefings from clients and non-clients alike and write a blog article about what we learned. These briefings play an important role in keeping us up to speed on the various offerings in the market and the state of that market – what’s driving it, activity levels and so on. We also get a fair number of software demonstrations from vendors and these also work to help us in our advisory work.

AdvertisingFendahl CTRM Technology
AdvertisingEKA Turbo Charge Trading Systems in Weeks

As we look forward to Q4, a major project looms and that is our biannual update of the CTRM Market forecast. Given all the trends and issues in the market, this is likely going to be a more detailed assessment than usual but we hope to have the new report out sometime in late Q4. Finally, we will also be updating the Sourcebook materials for 2022 by emphasizing and adding some functions that have emerged or become more important and removing some that are no longer quite so important.

We will also be issuing a couple or so more podcasts (CTRMRadio) before the end of the year as well as one or more videos.