capSpire Offers Free Support Tool for Allegro Users

When a particular software product reaches a certain level of market penetration, it will create both an employment market around it as well as a peripheral software market. Both are true of Allegro. I recently learned about a tool offered to Allegro users by capSpire called cAST (capSpire Administration Support Tool). The tool is available for free for those who want to use it and was originally conceived in 2016 when capSpire was performing a number of upgrades and migrating Allegro to the cloud for clients. “Moving Allegro to a more of a cloud-based solution makes it easier for administrators to distribute Allegro to the users, but it can also make it more difficult to access the database located in the cloud when troubleshooting issues.  Companies want to minimize the time dedicated to administrative tasks, troubleshooting issues and testing of new extensions,” Robert Parker, Managing Director at capSpire Ltd told me. “It started out as a tool to help with support and has developed from there and has become very popular.”

“With cAST, clients don’t need DBA accounts and can access the database directly using standard Allegro Web Services, thereby also supporting cloud installs.  It provides a single executable that is easily deployable, pre-configurable and observes Allegro security, providing clients complete control of what the tool is permitted to access,” states the capSpire website, which lists its functionality as follows,

  • Simplify routine tasks and diagnostics of common issues
  • Powerful environment comparison tools
  • Uses Standard Allegro Web Services and works with Allegro versions 7739.x -> 9901.x and Horizon 112/134
  • Require no non-standard changes to Allegro or installation of additional software
  • Data Editor Supports Live Data
  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS and compression
  • Access controlled by standard Allegro user configuration and security
  • Task Manager type display within tool providing an instant picture of health
  • Functionality targeted at making back-end data access simpler
  • Database-aware providing helpers to format specific values
  • Export to Excel / CSV / XML
  • Import from Excel / XML

“It’s often very hard for IT managers to justify purchasing tools like cAST,” says Mr. Parker. “So, by providing it for free we contribute to and support the larger Allegro community and demonstrate our technical, business and Allegro competence. With cAST, business analysts, power users, and developers can easily see dependencies, view class event code without Visual Studio, compare instances for differences, including code-level differences, and check user configuration for security gaps. From a maintaining-an-environment perspective, this is very important and provides companies the confidence they need when managing their system.”

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cAST is an example of peripheral software around Allegro that also supports those in the Allegro employment market in areas like support, implementation and so on. Notably, for us, is that it helps support Allegro hosted in the cloud specifically and therefore speaks to the growing trend to host CTRM solutions in that environment. capSpire also has accelerator products for RightAngle and Endur as well, including upgrade assessment tools which it uses during implementations. Indeed, other CTRM solutions on the market have also created peripheral software and services markets as might be expected, however, it will be interesting from our point of view, to see how on particularly the implementation services side, how this is impacted by the move to the cloud.

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