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Sprit of the clean energy transition at E-World 2024

E-World has always been the main event of the year for the energy software business. For over two decades, I have been participating in this event, representing leading software... continue reading

How smartEn is supporting Energy Transition Technologies.

smartEn – Smart Energy Europe  (  serves as the premier European Business Association driving the integration of consumer-driven solutions within the clean energy transition. The organization provides valuable support... continue reading

Fusebox is confident in the future of VPP – as – a – Service.

What is VPP, and why will it have a significant impact on software products for the energy industry? One of the broadest definitions states that a Virtual Power Plant... continue reading

CyberGrid is on the forefront of the transition to clean energy.

As an Austrian resident, I am particularly delighted to discuss CyberGrid, an Austrian company at the forefront of energy transition technologies. The shift towards clean energy technologies is closely... continue reading

What is the place of nuclear technology in the future energy mix?

Discussions on how to reach net zero are running hot given that energy systems fully based on renewable power are not within reach in the next decades.  The reasons... continue reading

Revolutionary spirit of software vendors for energy transition at ENLIT

I recently attended ENLIT in Paris, and it was truly an exhilarating experience! The event gathered numerous innovative companies with smart ideas, demonstrating a revolutionary spirit driving the energy... continue reading

Bidgely is Empowering Energy Companies to Achieve Decarbonization Progress Through Demand Response

As the energy industry advances toward decarbonization, the integration of innovative solutions becomes imperative for effectively managing the energy production mix, especially as renewable generation continues to claim a... continue reading

FIS sees hydrogen market ready for take-off

Hydrogen consistently garners attention in energy-related publications as a prospective substitute for fossil fuels, playing an indispensable role in achieving decarbonization goals. The technology for producing, transporting, and storing... continue reading

PPA Solutions by Pexapark – From Pricing to Life Cycle Management and Risk Reporting

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, an increasing number of investors are eager to embark on new projects involving the construction of wind or solar farms. Power... continue reading

Can offshore wind be the solution for UK’s Net Zero plan?

The focus on the energy transition towards a decarbonized world is presently the primary long-term trend in the energy industry. This trend is not only altering the technology behind... continue reading is on the top of market as power markets move to more renewable energy

The cQuant energy analytics platform offers advanced analytical solutions tailored for modern energy portfolios. The primary focus of the company centers on optimization and analytics for complex portfolios comprising... continue reading

ENEGEN is ready for opening the wholesale market for prosumers in UK

ENEGEN Power Systems is a UK-based company that offers a diverse range of software tools designed for the UK wholesale and balancing markets. These tools encompass a spectrum of... continue reading