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CyberGrid is on the forefront of the transition to clean energy.

As an Austrian resident, I am particularly delighted to discuss CyberGrid, an Austrian company at the forefront of energy transition technologies. The shift towards clean energy technologies is closely linked to distributed production, with a significant proportion of wind and solar energy and the presence of prosumers. Given the uncertainties in renewable energy production, energy storage and demand flexibility have become pivotal for the viability of clean energy systems. The effective management and optimization of this flexibility, considering both commercial profitability and network reliability, are of paramount importance.

CyberGrid fully embraces this concept. The company provides a cloud-based platform for a decentralized grid equipped with storage capacities and a substantial share of intermittent energy sources. This technology enhances the efficient utilization of existing generation resources, demand response, storage, and the integration of renewable energy resources. It supports the optimization and marketing of flexibilities, encompassing the utilization of flexibilities by active customers, asset aggregation, optimization of market bids for various markets, automated bidding on ancillary services markets, and transparent accounting per asset. The trading of flexibility involves not only aggregation and bid creation but also a daily workflow that consequently spans different markets, starting from day-ahead bidding, moving to intraday ancillary service, and then to the intraday continuous market.

The typical customer for CyberGrid ranges from utilities and network operators to large industries, retailers, and communities with behind-the-meter microgrids. The company is actively engaged in services and consultancy in multiple EU projects on clean energy technologies. CyberGrid also collaborates with Vienna and Graz Universities of Technology and other industry partners, such as APG.

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As an offspring of EVN, an Austrian utility, CyberGrid currently serves customers in all countries where EVN has assets, with Austria remaining the primary market. During my conversation with Iris Blay, the marketing manager I met at Enlit, she mentioned that due to the company’s participation in European projects and activities in many European countries, CyberGrid has gained extensive Europe-wide experience. The company is looking forward to acquiring customers in more European countries. The development plans include enhanced support for multi-marketing capabilities, enabling arbitrage between different short-term markets. Additionally, the company aims to place more emphasis on the visualization and control of renewable energy communities to advance behind-the-meter Virtual Power Plant (VPP) offerings.