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Traceability May Be The Hot Issue For 2017

Traceability is rapidly becoming or is already a major issue for many commodities. The widely accepted definition of traceability from the International Organization for Standards (ISO) is as follows, “The ability to identify and trace the history, distribution, location and application of products, parts and materials, to ensure the reliability... continue reading

Trade Facilitation & Enforcement Act Highlights Significant Supply Chain Risks

After our blog regarding Traceability yesterday, I was alerted to the National Coffee Association who have highlighted the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act as a significant supply chain risk for the Coffee Industry and calls it ‘uncharted territory’ for importers. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently detained the first... continue reading

Traceability Needs of Commodity Firms Growing

A story in today’s Financial Times highlights the growing need for traceability by commodity firms. Olam is under attack for both excessive deforestation in Africa and lack of visibility into its suppliers around its Palm Oil business while many of its competitors have committed to sustainable sourcing of the commodity.... continue reading

King Coal is Dead. Long Live the King.

My Opa, a Texas-German farmer like his father and his father’s father before him, were keenly aware of that time-honored proverb “Make hay while the sun shines.” While the meaning was perhaps distinctly more literal for them in terms of actually getting the hay in before bad weather set in,... continue reading

CTRM Conference Roundtable Unmissable?

The first roundtable discussion at the forthcoming 2016 CTRM Conference should be something rather special as it is focused on “Critical Issues for CTRM Users in a Low Cost Environment.” The broad collapse in most wholesale prices, which began in earnest mid-year 2014, has resulted in a prolonged period of... continue reading

Raising the Next Generation of Commodity Traders

It was the early ‘70s and I was done with the “kids games” of my youth. Chutes & Ladders, Sorry, and a colorful deck of Go-Fish cards sat gathering dust on the shelf while I fed my infatuation with grown-up board games such as Monopoly and Clue. Then my parents... continue reading

The Technologically Fabulous and Economically Challenged World of Rare Earth Metals

Perspective and point of reference is critical when making conversation.   For example, I recently picked up a pair of ultralight ear bud speakers at an airport kiosk and casually remarked to a colleague travelling with me, “What would we do without rare earth metal?”.    To which he responded, “Rare Earth... continue reading

Time is short – Please participate in our latest market research effort

We’re seeking your participation in a new research effort by Commodity Technology Advisory. This new project looks at the impacts and implications of low priced energy commodities as they relate to ETRM system use, utility and value. Though oil prices have recently risen off their 13 year low set January... continue reading

Oil Traders Panic…not because of prices, but because Yahoo Messenger is going away

Yahoo announced last month that they’re ending support of their legacy versions of their IM product, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and after August 5 will only support their web-based version. Unfortunately, for global oil traders who have for almost 2 decades used Yahoo IM as one their two default communication/trading channels... continue reading

The 2016 CTRM Vendor Perceptions Report is now available

ComTech’s latest report on market views and perceptions of CTRM technology vendors and solutions has just released and is available for download or online reading.  This 2016 CTRM Vendor Perceptions Report reviews and analyzes the results of an on-line poll of non-vendor market participants conducted by ComTech over a period... continue reading

Vendor Perception Study – Not Much Time Left

ComTech will close the survey part of the vendor perception study at the end of April meaning that there isn’t much time left for you to give your opinions in this important survey. We repeat the survey every two years and issue a report that is free to download (here... continue reading

A Day With Dycotrade

Last week, I attended the Dycotrade Customer event in Rotterdam. It was held at the private Royal Maas Yacht Club and included around 45 customers and partners of the vendor. Dycotrade describes itself as a vendor of ERP for Commodities software built on the MS Dynamics platform and its customers... continue reading

ComTech releases the 2016 CTRM Market Update

New report provides an interim review of market trends and market size ComTech has just released our 2016 CTRM Market Update report, which is an interim update to our biannual in-depth review of the CTRM software market space last published in April of 2015. This new update is based upon... continue reading

Buy Versus Build Report Issued

Towards the back end of the summer of 2015, ComTech began to note what looked like an increase in popularity of at least considering building CTRM software in house. Frankly, this trend puzzled us somewhat as why would anyone want to build deal capture again, for example? Despite that, we... continue reading

Shifting Markets and Impacts Discussion

The market for CTRM software is not homogenous and consists of a number of overlapping markets identified by commodity group, geography and industry niche. For example, a generator in Florida will likely have a different set of needs than a rubber producer in Asia. In the past, we have looked... continue reading

So how bad are the nat gas and power markets? Ask a trader after they get their bonus

The US and EUR gas and power markets are bad enough that traders are going to make bonuses of less than $500,000 for 2015! Yeah, I know, its hard to get worked up about the average trader "only" making a $450k bonus, but in a market where that same... continue reading

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