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Commodity Trading

Holding Steady – Why There are so many CTRM Solutions

Periodically, we are asked why there hasn’t been more consolidation in CTRM. Why are there over 100 CTRM software solutions still? (See our directory). It’s a good question because... continue reading

The 2022 CTRM Sourcebook is now available

We are pleased to announce that ComTech has just released the 2022 Sourcebook of CTRM Software Suppliers and Products.  This year’s edition contains 42 detailed product listing from all... continue reading

E-World – Essen in June

When I got off the train at Essen main station and walked outside, something seemed to have changed. Essen didn’t look like Essen. It took a meeting with Mark... continue reading

OneCore Global – Addressing Commodity Confirms and Invoicing

As most everyone in the commodities space knows, most bilateral wholesale deals require manual confirmations and invoicing, a rather archaic systems when one considers that exchanges and many brokers... continue reading

It’s a Hot CTRM Job Market!

I recently wrote about inflationary pressures and the costs around CTRM. Yesterday, a conversation with Carl Vellenoweth of Commoditas validated and expanded those thoughts. Commoditas recruits’ technologists for the... continue reading

Commodity Protectionism Drives More Volatility?

The surge in global prices for all types of commodities is having many effects from adding inflationary pressure to driving up energy and food bills. For companies like Goldman... continue reading

The Demise of Factual Commodities News?

Is the UK facing a perfect storm of high energy prices this winter? At the moment it looks that way. Not only is the wind not blowing and the... continue reading

Inflation – The Next Shockwave in Commodities?

It has been quite a long time since we had inflation rates at over 5% in the USA yet, last month, the US inflation rate hit 5.4%, the highest... continue reading

European Short-Term Power Trading Solutions Update

It has been a while since we wrote about European short-term power solutions although, to be fair, we have created a couple of CTRMRadio podcasts on and around the... continue reading

Corruption and Commodities

Looking at Reuters commodities news this morning, I noted a story regarding one Kostyantin Zhevago who apparently embezzled some $133m from a bank that he was the ‘beneficial’ owner... continue reading

Operational Risks:Trade Financing Has A Systems Impact Say Gen10

A recent conversation with Richard Williamson and Bruce Tozer of Gen10 around the topic of operational risks for commodity firms highlighted a number of areas impacting firms at the... continue reading

Perspectives on Disruptive Technologies in Commodities – Part 1

If like us, you keep an eye on what is going on in the world of CTRM then you will have seen the constant reminders that technology is one... continue reading

Commodity Super Cycle?

“Looking at the 2020s, we believe that similar structural forces to those which drove commodities in the 2000s could be at play,” Goldman argues. (“2021 Commodities Outlook: REVing up... continue reading

Change and Education in Commodity Trading

One thing that is more obvious each and every day is the interest in ecosystems as it relates to commodity trading, risk management, and supply chain software. In fact,... continue reading

New Commodity Risk – Amateur Traders!

In recent months and weeks, we have talked about unprecedented change in and around commodities. With a 180 degree switch in US political direction, environmental and carbon issues are... continue reading

3 Trends in CM/CTRM Software for 2021

We have issued a new ComTech white paper titled Three Trends of CM/CTRM Software for 2021 to kick off the year. The paper is as usual a free download... continue reading

Is the Digital Nomad the Future CTRM Expert?

Periodically, I read articles about a new breed of independent workers who were fortunate enough to combine business with location and lifestyle called ‘digital nomads’. It wasn’t lost on... continue reading

Automated Trading Strategies and FORRS’ Automated Trading Maturity Model

Recently, a German consulting firm contacted us to inform us about its Maturity Model for algorithmic trading. Founded in 2015, FORRS is a consulting firm focused on the financial,... continue reading

Sorting through the terminology of CTRM deployment

Buyers of CTRM systems are clearly, and increasingly, interested in adopting web-delivered solutions and as such, the marketing terminology being used in this market has changed. CTRM vendors now... continue reading

Enuits’ Entrade – Addressing multiple commodities in a single platform

We have often heard from CTRM vendors touting their ability to handle multiple commodities and commodity types in a single platform, spanning from energies such as natural gas, hydrocarbon... continue reading

Will the Trade Deal Help Commodities?

Part One of the US-China trade deal has been signed. It’s a strange thing but there didn’t seem to be much coverage of this temporary ceasing of US-China trade... continue reading