Commodity Trading

A Day With Dycotrade

Last week, I attended the Dycotrade Customer event in Rotterdam. It was held at the private Royal Maas Yacht Club and included around 45 customers and partners of the... continue reading

ComTech releases the 2016 CTRM Market Update

New report provides an interim review of market trends and market size ComTech has just released our 2016 CTRM Market Update report, which is an interim update to our... continue reading

Buy Versus Build Report Issued

Towards the back end of the summer of 2015, ComTech began to note what looked like an increase in popularity of at least considering building CTRM software in house.... continue reading

Shifting Markets and Impacts Discussion

The market for CTRM software is not homogenous and consists of a number of overlapping markets identified by commodity group, geography and industry niche. For example, a generator in... continue reading

So how bad are the nat gas and power markets? Ask a trader after they get their bonus

The US and EUR gas and power markets are bad enough that traders are going to make bonuses of less than $500,000 for 2015! Yeah, I know, its... continue reading

Commodity Management and CTRM

Commodity Management is an emerging application area that is significantly broader than CTRM in some respects and has, at least until now, catered primarily to a large group of... continue reading

Even in a Unsettled Market, Some CTRM Players are Thriving

As you’ve heard, and as we’ve talked here many times, the commodities markets are…ah…”difficult” right now. With the Bloomberg Commodities Index scraping new record lows on a daily basis,... continue reading

It Was Always about Supply and Demand

A few years ago, as commodity prices reached new records and heady heights on a daily basis, all the talk was of market speculation. I recall sitting on an... continue reading

Do collapsing commodity prices spell doom for CTRM license sales?

The news throughout 2015 has certainly been grim for commodity producers of all stripes. With the Bloomberg Commodity Index (which tracks a wide ranging basket of commodity prices) falling... continue reading

Eka and the Agricultural Markets Outlook

I had the opportunity to visit with Manav Garg, Eka’s founder and CEO last week to get an update on the company and the markets they serve. Our conversation... continue reading

Hedge Funds and Commodities – Incompatible?

The news that the Carlyle commodities fund value has collapsed from around $2billion to $50million in cash under management made for interesting reading this weekend. The same article also... continue reading

New REMIT Report Available

Today, we have released the REMIT report (European Regulations – REMIT Reporting Services and Solutions) kindly sponsored by REGIS TR and Sapient Global Markets. The report was primarily authored... continue reading

An Update on SAP’s Growing CM Footprint

Last week, I was afforded a catch-up briefing by the SAP team including its VP for Commodity Management and Agribusiness, Ms. Anja Strothkaemper. Ms. Strothkaemper looks after both SAP’s... continue reading

The 2015-2020 CTRM Market Outlook report is now available

We’ve just released our latest research report, the 2015 – 2020 CTRM Market Outlook; a comprehensive review of the CTRM markets including market trends and sizing information, from 2014... continue reading

DataGenic A Gold Sponsor of 2015 CTRM Conference

Commodity Technology Advisory llc in conjunction with Commodities Now magazine is pleased to announce DataGenic as a Gold level sponsor of the 2015 CTRM Conference. This is doubly pleasing... continue reading

Quorum – Building Momentum in 2015

I met-up with Mike Muse, VP of energy marketing solutions at Quorum this afternoon to get an update on the company’s efforts in the E/CTRM space since the acquisition... continue reading