Commodity Trading

GlobalView – Raising the bar in the data market

The energy data provision and management markets are very competitive. Having observed the market over the last several years, we’ve noticed that many of the vendors have struggled to... continue reading

What Impact will low oil prices have in the CTRM markets in 2015?

We’re nearing completion of our 2015–2020 CTRM Market Outlook, a report that includes a full market sizing and is based upon both the current performance of more than 80... continue reading

tegos Develops comotor for Physical Metals Players

For some time, ComTech had been aware of a German vendor of recycling software called tegos but just recently, we noted that the company had brought a new solution... continue reading

Enerknol – Energy regulatory data streaming from the cloud

I had the chance yesterday to visit with David Klien, head of a new data offerings from EnerKnol, a company who is described on their website as providing “U.S.... continue reading

Commoditas Partners – Out to Revolutionize CTRM recruitment?

I recently spoke with the founders of a newly launched recruitment firm in the form of Commoditas Partners – Carl Vellenoweth, Manager Director and Chris Scott, Director. Commoditas Partners... continue reading

The winter of our discontent in CTRM

Its been a tough winter. No, the weather hasn’t been particularly bad; in fact in Houston, its been downright balmy most of the time compared to winters past. This... continue reading

An ETRM vendor you may not know – EMK3

As you may know, at ComTech we track more than 80 vendors of ETRM / CTRM technology around the globe.  While many are well-known names in the industry, those... continue reading

Catching up with OpenLink and the LNG markets

Though the LNG markets are in a current state of flux, with a slowing global economy reducing overall energy consumption and low crude prices putting downward pressure on liquefied... continue reading

MicroStep HDO’s Xenergie Continues to be dominant Czech-Slovak Power Trading ETRM

Last week I also spoke to Slovak ETRM vendor MicroStep HDO who are in fact, right on my doorstep! Microstep HDO employ around 60 staff but it is a... continue reading

Cadran Consultancy Offers CTRM module for JD Edwards

The blurring of the boundaries between traditional ERP and CTRM is something that interests ComTech at the moment. The emergence of the SAP Commodity Management product line combined with... continue reading

Agiboo demonstrates technology prowess in both software and marketing

As Gary notes in the previous blog posting, while in London last week, we had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Bart Kroon, CEO of Agiboo, the European-based vendor... continue reading

Some takeaways and thoughts from the CTRM Conference

While things are relatively fresh in mind, here’s a few of the key takeaways I picked-up on at our CTRM Conference last week. The observations may not be entirely... continue reading

Tweet, Tweet

As we heard at the CTRM Conference last week, social media has a role to play in the commodities industry. The after lunch presentation delivered by Mr. Tim Buchanan,... continue reading

Are oil and gas prices nearing a tipping point?

The boom in oil and gas production from shale has been remarkable, with production gains measured in the millions of barrels of oil and tens of BCF of natural... continue reading

New Commodity Risk Management Vendor Sponsors CTRM Conference

In a number of articles recently, ComTech has talked about new E/CTRM vendors coming to our attention – 3-4 this year so far. One to to do so recently... continue reading

DataGenic to make a splash in the North America market?

I had the pleasure of having a cup of coffee this morning with Mr. Richard Quigley, CEO of DataGenic.  As followers of the commodity trading space may or may... continue reading