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ComTech Videos and Working with YouTube


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As visitors to this site now know, Gary and I were recently in London and conducted a number of video interviews with CTRM executives.  While these interviews are not necessarily easy to produce, we do think they provide valuable information and insights into the current state of CTRM solution providers, both large and small.  Given this value, I’ve managed to tolerate the rather quirky nature of YouTube, though at times I’ve been more than a little irritated when videos don’t upload properly or ultimately error-out for some unknown reason, requiring additional time to delete and re-upload.  Nonetheless, YouTube is a decent solution and, despite this problems, it does provide pretty good service.  One of the features of YouTube I hadn’t really been aware of until just the last couple of days is its ability to automatically create a written transcript of the video; or rather its ability to create a transcript of…something.

The transcript for the upcoming Contigo-Trayport video makes for some very interesting reading.  Below, I’ve included Gary’s opening dialogue as created by YouTube’s voice recognition program – which in fact appears to be a drunken puppy walking around on a keyboard.

Hello this is very busy with contact your advisor in welcome to mm another episode that leaders in CT RM and today with a triple tosses to speak with mister on his contigo as on Monday this last week it was announced that can’t being acquired by tripled Sun but will graduations certainly.”

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