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Contigo and eZ-nergy See Good Activity Levels

It is already the second quarter of 2021 and Simon Wheeler, CEO of Contigo, says that the year so far has been very busy. “We are recruiting, building the team, responding to RFPs, working on projects and also the product roadmap and enhancements” He points to a number of RFI’s and RFP’s including larger opportunities that they have received and worked on so far this year. The recent half-year numbers reported by Energy One certainly appear to back up his assertions as Contigo’s revenues were up 26% for the 12 months to December 2020. Simon is also upbeat about sister company – eZ-nergy – which he says has signed more customers already this year, is also doing well and looking to recruit more staff.

Energy One developed a business process automation tool a few years ago that is now called enFlow. Being specifically designed for the vagaries of energy and commodities, the tool is now seeing more widespread adoption around multiple use cases that include PPA management and gas distribution in Australia. Right now, a new UI is being added to enFlow that will make the tool much more usable for non-programmer users, Simon tells me. With an interest in automation at high levels in energy and commodities, Simon sees good potential for enFlow in Europe.

Other activities include planning a UK user forum for late in the year – either online or in-person depending on how restrictions ease. He expects to showcase the new additions including enFlow’s new UI at that event as well as enhancements to enTrader.

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In terms of things driving demand and interest, “PnL explainers, integration, getting data out of ETRMs and reporting are all areas of interest,” he told me.