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CTRM Best Practice

CTRM Software – An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market

We have a new book out. Titled CTRM Software – An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market, it is the product of Patrick and I’s combined 40 plus... continue reading

Is Your Marketing Working?

At ComTech, we are constantly reaching out to the vendors and others to ensure that we are up to date with developments. Often, these calls are reported on to... continue reading

The Skills Risk

An item that keeps on coming up in everything from our risk survey last year to briefings with various folk around the industry is that there is a skills... continue reading

2022 CTRM Sourcebook

ComTech Advisory LLC (ComTech) will publish new version of the highly regarded and widely distributed CTRM Sourcebook last published in the 3rd quarter 2022. As with all the previous... continue reading

Which Vendor is the Market Leader??

Every two years, we conduct the Vendor Perception Study by asking users and third-parties their opinions on market leadership in the E/CTRM and CM software arena. It is that... continue reading

Commodities People Sponsors Trends in Commodity Risk Research

Commodities People is sponsoring our Trends in Commodity Risk research project along with Amphora and the Nasdaq Market Technology Division. Commodities People will also support the study by polling... continue reading

CTRMCenter Sponsors New Podcast Miniseries on ETRM from Insider’s Guide to Energy

Many of you on the energy side of things will be listening to the excellent podcast – Insider’s Guide to Energy. For those of you that are still unfamiliar,... continue reading

Proof of Concept vs RFP?

Around a month ago, I wrote wondering about the procurement process and whether with migration of systems to the cloud, companies might start abandoning the expensive and risk prone... continue reading

When Will CTRM Procurement Approaches Change?

Periodically, we talk about procurement at ComTech. For example, we had a CTRMRadio podcast episode on it back a couple of years ago and we have written about it... continue reading

Critical Thinking in ETRM Implementation

I participated this week in what I though were two excellent panel discussions at Commodities People’s Energy Trading Week events.  The first panel was on Technological innovations in risk... continue reading

Spreadsheets Revisited

Although it is now a little old, the work that we did back in 2015 on spreadsheets is always worth a revisit and still relevant. With so many new... continue reading

Partnerships, Collaboration And CTRM

In recent weeks a number of new partnerships and collaborations have been informally announced via vendor blogs and social media. Recently, CTRM Cubed announced its partnership with Enegen and... continue reading

Disruptive Technologies in Commodities

Three years ago, the disruptive technologies report found that cloud was broadly accepted, that data management and AI/ML were being invested in and that blockchain was still years away.... continue reading

Two Major Trends in Commodities’ Software

Two current trends in CTRM/CM worthy of note are (1) an increasing interest and need in more advanced risk analytics than would usually be found integral to a CTRM... continue reading

Educating and Passing On Experience is Key Says Agiboo’s Jan van den Brom

Talking with Jan van den Brom of Agiboo is always interesting as he often has intriguing observations to impart. In recent months and years, conversations with Jan have often... continue reading

How to Get CTRMCenter in your Inbox EveryDay!

Do you love to keep up with the goings-on in CTRM and CM software? CTRMCenter is the place to visit for news, views, insights, research, and tools in these... continue reading

Disruptive Technology Use Cases

Right now, we are hard at work on the latest disruptive technology research kindly sponsored by Beacon, Kyos, and Invensoft. To that end, we are engaged in research around... continue reading

Disruptive Technologies in Commodities – Have your say – again.

It was interesting that I saw this post in the Archive section as I was just thinking about posting something similar for the new questionnaire… as it turns out,... continue reading

When it Comes to Support – There are Options

A while ago, I wrote a semi- off-topic blog on my frustrations with online support (at my bank and so on) and asked the question, is this what online... continue reading

Redditors, Robinhood, Google and CTRM

Recently, I wrote an article about the Redditors, Robinhood, and the impact on commodity firms. I also participated in a Commodities People webinar on the same topic. My thinking... continue reading

Perspectives on Disruptive Technologies in Commodities – Part 2

We continue today with the input from the CTRMCenter Thought leader panel’s view on disruptive technologies in CTRM and CM software. ComTech is looking at the role of technology... continue reading