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Last Call – The Future of CTRM Software – Evolve or Die?

Our joint webinar with Commodities People and a panel of experts will take place this Thursday so if you haven’t yet registered, please do so now. We have a huge audience already but the more the merrier. Register here.

The Future of CTRM Software – Evolve or Die? A Panel of Experts divine its future

Commodity Trading and Risk Management software is an essential and core application within any firm exposed to commodities however, it has also arguably at times failed to deliver on its promise, proving itself difficult to use and deploy.

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With net zero poised to expand the market of those requiring some form of CTRM to track carbon or manage energy costs, it is a software category that is set to reach well over $2 billion annually in expenditures.

In the increasingly fast-moving and complex world of commodities, CTRM software must evolve or die. Join a panel of CTRM experts to find out what the future of CTRM might look like and how it may change in the coming decade.

Key topics to be discussed include

– Are monolithic CTRM solutions a viable long-term solution?
– Can CTRM solutions truly ever be multi-commodity and nimble?
– Will AI and automation be the death knell of CTRM…and the human trader?
– Is the future ecosystems, cloud, and managed services?
– Is outsourcing of business functions a threat or opportunity for CTRM vendors?

The discussion will be led by a panel experts including:

Sonia Ghosh – Senior Business Analyst – Vattenfall
Sajindra Jayasena – Chief Information and Digital Officer – Targray
Gary Vasey – Managing Partner – Commodity Technology Advisory LLC
Patrick Reames – Managing Partner – Commodity Technology Advisory LLC
Ben Hillary – MD – Commodities People