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CTRM Cubed Seeing Success

CTRM Cubed is a UK-based solution provider that got started a couple of years or so ago under the leadership of Simon Piercy. Simon has been involved in E/CTRM for many years, most recently as CEO of Contigo. CTRM Cubed has developed Trade Cube, which runs entirely within the Microsoft Azure-based cloud infrastructure, is fast (automated in fact) to set up and get started with, and very cost effective. The target for this solution is currently smaller entities trading energy and commodities – the kind of user that previously would have been using spreadsheets or a home-grown application. “We continue to see success in this sector,” Simon told me last week and the vendor has a ‘handful’ of customers, he said. Simon and his team have recently also been joined by another industry veteran , Dr. Kashif, who will help in the business development area.

Trade Cube is cloud-based, multi-tenanted, E/CTRM software platform and Simon explained that the vendor does a lot of upfront work with clients to make sure that the solution works for them before converting them to a competitive usage fee. There is no contract and no long-term obligation. Trade Cube  is subject to fa modern software approach that includes fully automated testing, is single source and multi-user. The market has responded positively to this approach, and he says that they have a lot of opportunities and that Kashif will be helping handle that pipeline going forward.  Trade Cube also features an app store and  ecosystem partners can offer their software from there. Again, partnering is informal and API’s are used to insure integration.

Simon’s view is that CTRM Cubed customers perhaps have more modest expectations and less complex businesses. They are looking for something commercial as opposed to doing nothing or using spreadsheets. He suggests that its success to date is based on their honest attitude and competitive price point optimally functional, cloud-based application. He sees just a few competitors currently at this smaller end of the market yet aims to ensure that customers are properly and effectively catered to. In reality, CTRM Cubed offers a simple to use, simple to deploy and cost-effective platform that is reliable, scalable and fast, he told me.

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