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Just a reminder that we are conducting the survey part of our Vendor Perception Study that we produce every two years. The final report is FREE from this site... continue reading

Spirit of the clean energy transition at E-World 2024

E-World has always been the main event of the year for the energy software business. For over two decades, I have been participating in this event, representing leading software... continue reading

A Visit to E-World

So last week was E-World in Essen back to its February slot. I attended on the Wednesday and it was absolutely packed – perhaps the busiest I had ever... continue reading

Developing CTRM Expertise

I’m just back from the annual pilgrimage to E-World and will be writing more on that show later as will Irina. One theme I hear there talking to many... continue reading

2024 Vendor Perception Survey and Study

Every two years, we test your perceptions of the vendors and products in the CTRM and related software category. Unlike other surveys this one is all about YOUR views... continue reading

Industry Views and the Importance of Surveys

This year will see ComTech doing another Vendor Perception Study (VPS) to see how vendor’s are faring and what the users and consultants in the industry think of them.... continue reading

Welcome to 2024

A happy New Year to all of our readers at CTRMCenter – the place for everything CTRM and related! Please do us a favor this year and introduce your... continue reading

The Expertise Drain

There is no doubt that many in the commodities trading and risk management industry are now reaching retirement age and exiting the business talking their expertise with them. While... continue reading


Back a few years ago and 39 entire episodes ago, we started a podcast called CTRMRadio. I think we were innovators once again as I don’t believe there were... continue reading

Busy Times

We just recently released the new CTRM Sourcebook and it is now available on this site for free download to aid you in your next software selection project. This... continue reading

Software Solutions for Decarbonized Energy

Today, the energy industry is focused on achieving Net Zero emissions and a transition to renewable power production is taking central place. However, wind and solar power production exhibit... continue reading

New Additions – Welcome Irina!

I’d like to welcome Irina Reitgruber to ComTech and CTRMCenter as an affiliate analyst. Over the next week or so, she will be writing blog articles outlining her area... continue reading

Last Call – The Future of CTRM Software – Evolve or Die?

Our joint webinar with Commodities People and a panel of experts will take place this Thursday so if you haven’t yet registered, please do so now. We have a... continue reading

ComTech Provide Analysis in Commodities People’s Survey Report

ComTech partners and analysts provided their expert analysis of data collected by Commodities People across their events and compiled in a free report titled – Commodity Trading Annual Industry... continue reading

Innovation Driven by Change

With so many change drivers going on at once in our industry, one could be forgiven for having some despair – it is hard to take it all onboard... continue reading

Webinar – The Future of CTRM Software – Evolve or Die?

We are excited to have partnered with Commodities People for a webinar entitled – The Future of CTRM Software – Evolve or Die? Here are the details and we... continue reading

2023 CTRM Sourcebook

Patrick and I have finalised the vendor materials for the 2023 CTRM Sourcebook and have been distributing them to vendors who may wish to list as well as consultancy... continue reading

Market Sweeps

If you are looking for a CTRM solution then ComTech can help. As the leading analysts in the space with almost 30-years in the CTRM space per partner, and... continue reading

SaaS and Services – Are Services About to Take Off?

As software as a service grows in popularity in energy and commodity trading and risk management, will other services also take off? For many years, GMSL basically ran a... continue reading

Visit E-World With Me?

When I visited E-World last week, I took my camera and recorded relevant aspects of the tradeshow and got some quick soundbites from various vendors…. join me as I... continue reading

E-World Extremely Busy

I spent yesterday at E-World in Essen only returning home this afternoon. Yesterday was the first day of E-World and it was absolutely mobbed! There were far more people... continue reading