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2022 Vendor Perceptions Report Issued

The 2022 Vendor Perceptions Report is now available Download the 2022 Vendor Perceptions Report. It is a long and comprehensive report full of detail and charts so analysts among you will likely enjoy it. It does show some very interesting trends though that are very worthy of note both in terms of buying criteria and perception of vendor and product brands.

Among the findings, the survey suggests that ION is the most widely known brand and that an increasing number of people know it as ION as opposed to one of its many sub-brands (Openlink, for example). However, it is still most often known by those sub-brands. FIS is also extremely widely known often as Sungard however. The most widely cited brand in the survey was ION Allegro followed by ION Openlink, FIS, ION (undifferentiated), Enuit and Brady. Newcomer Previse Systems was also surprisingly well known and not just in Europe. In fact, Previse Systems was also seen as a category leader in several categories including cloud and architecture. In Europe, it led in other categories  such as implementation and carbon/emissions. Topaz also showed up well as did smaller vendors like Agiboo, Molecule and others in certain categories.

In terms of geographical differences, the Americas appear increasingly mature and quite conservative and are dominated by ION and its products, FIS, Eka and others. Europe, Middle East and Africa appears more adventurous and aware of a wider number of brands and products. Although ION and its brands are still prominent others like Brady, Previse, FIS, Amphora, Energy One, Eka, Enuit and Topaz, for example, are also well known. The Asia-Pacific region is still quite regional with some subregions showing increased maturity like Singapore while China remains immature. China in particular is dominated by Enuit and the Asia-Pacific region also see ION and its sub-brands as a strong brand. Each geography has its regional specialists as well.

AdvertisingFendahl CTRM Technology

There isn’t so much difference in views between end users and influencers but users named fewer brands/products overall (37 versus 52 by influencers) and, bearing in mind that there are far more users than influencers represented in the sample, this can be taken to show that users are less familiar with the overall vendor and product landscape than influencers.Users appear to be more aware of specific ION brands and products generally. Other brands and products also seem better known by users including Murex, SAP, and Amphora. Conversely, brands like FIS, Energy One, Hitachi and Beacon seem better known by Influencers. There is also a hint in the data that users are more likely to think of ION as a brand as opposed to a specific ION product than the influencers.

The survey also includes data on numbers of solutions used by firms, what sort of solutions they are and how satisfied they are with those solutions. Almost half of the respondents identified as users said that their firm utilized between two and five different CTRM solutions while 27% said they only used a single solution. Around 7% stated that they had more than five different CTRM solutions installed.  Almost three quarters said they were satisfied of very satisfied with their installed solutions.

To get the full picture in detail, download the 2022 Vendor Perceptions Report for free.