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Bumper Traffic Year for CTRMCenter!

2021 was a bumper year for traffic to CTRMCenter. Google Analytics tells us that traffic was up a whopping 23.5% in 2021 over 2020 and you have to bear in mind that with the increasing popularity of tracker blocking technology, with some browsers now having it built in as default, the Google analytics data that we collect is less accurate than in previous years and we can assume safely that traffic is higher than that recorded by Google Analytics. User sessions were also up by 23.3% as well. The site had more than 72,500 visitors in 2021 and over 250,000 sessions.

The trend has also been that those visitors come from an increasingly geographically diverse area that includes some 194 different countries and over 6700 different cities as defined by Google. We have seen a bit of a shift in traffic origins over the last year or two however. India, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Australia provide the most visitors with traffic from countries like India, Australia and Singapore increasing slowly through time. The Commodity Trading industry is truly global and the CTRMCenter readership reflects that.

Visitors to the site in 2021 were mostly male (70%) still however. They came to the site primarily (42.3%) as organic traffic (traffic from search engine results that are earned, not paid). Approximately 8% of them got to the site via social media posts – mostly from Linkedin – and 5% came from referrals from other websites while 23% came to the site directly.


These traffic statistics indicate that CTRMCenter continues to grow as a source for everything CTRM – information, news, views and trusted insights and opinions from the leading analyst and advisory firm in the space – Commodity Technology Advisory LLC. The most popular download from the site is also the CTRM Sourcebook – a tool for buyers of CTRM software and many of the most popular pages are vendor listings in the directory, showing that end users are a large part of our readership.

Thanks for visiting CTRMCenter and please do come back often!