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Early Vendor Perception Study Results Point to a Changed Market

Every two years we conduct the Vendor Perception Study and this year we have had a record response. I am about half way through totting up all of the data and will then perform the analysis and write the report along with Patrick. However, it is already clear to me that a shift has occurred in the CTRM market in the last couple of years and that this year’s results will surprise. Discussions with vendors and other people in the industry has been hinting at this shift and our own analysis delivered in briefings and other content has also pointed to these potential shifts.

The first thing I notice is that the difference between geographies has increased in terms of vendor and product awareness and perceptions. A few years ago, the European market looked like a smaller version of more mature North American market to a large degree. This year, we see a major dichotomy in which the North American market seems to be shifting to more of a legacy software market dominated by older solutions and Ion as a vendor. Europe seems to be more up to speed with the newer solutions and particularly those in the cloud and readers of the final report will probably be surprised at the level of awareness and market leadership perceptions associated with vendors like Previse, Topaz, DsFlow, Agiboo, Gen10, to mention a few. Meanwhile, the emerging Asian market is also interesting as the results can be seen to be quite regional. Areas like Singapore, Japan, Vietnam etc. appear to lean towards the larger, better known, vendors with a smattering of new cloud-centric vendors like Fendahl, CoreTRM and others whereas China is clearly dominated by Enuit that has a strong and growing Chinese presence on the ground.

It also seems that users mention fewer vendors and solutions than consultants but I suppose this is to be expected as users will be aware of who they use, have used and perhaps who they may have considered in the past primarily whereas consultants will be aware of a broader array of solutions as a direct result of selection exercises and so on. It is also noteworthy that European users seem aware of far more vendors and solutions than any other geography and North American users are less aware than Europe and Asia-Pacific of the full range of choice – again suggesting a legacy aspect to that market.

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There are a myriad of sub stories observable in the data as well that we will try to bring out in the final report. These include surprising continued strength in Brady’s brand and what looks to be the emergence of strength in brand awareness in power in Europe for that vendor as well. FIS remains widely known – often as ‘SunGard’ – while Eka and others seem to be declining in terms of brand strength such as Ion’s Aspect brand and FIS’s Kiodex brand, for examples.

To be fair, there is still a lot of work to do and this is but an early glimpse of the results. However, it really looks as if the results will be a surprise and mark a shift in the CTRM market.

The final report will be freely available when released on this site – hopefully before year end. The previous vendor perception (2020) study report is available still.