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It’s A Wrap!

The CTRM Conference took place last Thursday in Amsterdam. It was attended by over 65 delegates from all parts of the industry who enjoyed perhaps the best content ever delivered at one of our conferences. All of the presentations were excellent and these will be made available to delegates in due course. Attendance was down slightly over previous years in part due to inclement weather which stopped a number of delegates making the conference (delayed and disrupted flights) including a panel member and speaker. Despite that, feedback was once again excellent and we thank all presenters, panel members, sponsors, and synergy for making the event a success.

The 2017 CTRMConference was supported by Bronze sponsors Agiboo, FactumInatech, Invensoft and Pioneer Solutions and Break Sponsors Aspect AllegroAtum Consulting, and EnergyOne.

Here are a few photos – more can be found at the CTRM Conference website.

AdvertisingEKA Turbo Charge Trading Systems in Weeks
AdvertisingION Commodities


CTRM Conference
Disruptive Technology panel discussions. Left to right – Richard Williamson, Rob Pringle (keynote), Greg Keers, Rheda Bhari, and Dr. Simon Tywuschik


CTRM Conference
The CTRM in the Cloud panel was the final item on the agenda. left to right – Richard Williamson, Jean-Herve Jenn, and Jan van den Brom.


CTRM Conference
Delegates listen intently to a presentation.