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Buy Versus Build Report Issued

Towards the back end of the summer of 2015, ComTech began to note what looked like an increase in popularity of at least considering building CTRM software in house.... continue reading

ComTech Advisory – 3 Years and Counting

I’ve been reminded by LinkedIn that February marked the 3 year anniversary of Commodity Technology (ComTech) Advisory LLC.  First, I want to say thanks to the dozens of my... continue reading

Discovering New Vendors

ComTech is tracking around 90 vendors that have solutions in the ETRM and CTRM space and this number isn’t getting any smaller. Last week at E-World, we ‘discovered’ a... continue reading

Updated CTRM Consultants and SI’s list/directory is now available

We have posted our newly updated list of CTRM consultants and systems integrators. This new list includes the addition of several firms since the last version.  We are now also... continue reading

CTRM Conference 2016

The CTRM Conference for 2016 will take place on October 27th at The Amba Marble arch Hotel (What was the Thistle Marble Arch) in London and we look forward... continue reading

CTRM Announced Deal Data 2015 – Analysis

Knowing that only a few E/CTRM software license deals ever get publicized, analysis of disclosed licensing data might well be an exercise in futility. Nonetheless, the analyst in me... continue reading

MEssen Around?

February is a lovely time to be headed to northern Germany. In a week or so, thousands will flock to Essen for the annual E-World Conference and trade show... continue reading

Vendor Perceptions

As stated last week, our vendor perception survey is now up and ready for your views. The survey can be taken here. Now, despite stating in the introduction to... continue reading

Give Us Your Opinion?

Its that time again! We are seeking end users and consultants/SI’s to give us their opinions on the E/CTRM vendors and their thoughts on buying trends. The survey can... continue reading

CTRM Directory Makes for Interesting Reading

Towards the end of last year, ComTech made an announcement regarding the CTRMCenter Directory. We adopted the diliger platform as it had many more features and tools that we... continue reading

Calling All E/CTRM Consulting Firms

ComTech is currently updating the Consultants List. This free download from CTRMCenter’s research area is essentially a list of consulting firms and system’s integrators that specialize or have a... continue reading

New CTRMCenter

You might just have noticed a change in the look of CTRMCenter? Yes? Well, the visible change from red to blue is only the tip of the iceberg. In... continue reading

E/CTRM State of Play 2015/2016

At this time of the year, I tend to spend a bit of time preparing for the new year. This year, that has taken the form of updating our... continue reading

It’s a Wrap

The 2015 CTRM Conference is officially over. Around 100 delegates attended and the day appears to have been a success for everyone involved. Shortly, we will post photos of... continue reading

All Primed For 2015 CTRM Conference

Tomorrow at 6:30pm, the CTRM Conference 2015 will begin with an informal reception at the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel and kicks off at 9am the following morning. We have... continue reading

New CTRMCenter Directory For Vendor Research

We are excited to launch an innovative vendor research platform for E/CTRM technology right here on CTRMCenter today. Built in partnership with Diliger Research, who have provided their vendor... continue reading

IP Systems Sponsor CTRM Conference

Budapest-based IP Systems has signed up as bronze sponsor for the 2015 CTRM Conference to be held in two-weeks time at the London Thistle Marble Arch Hotel. IP Systems... continue reading

Matt Barrett Announced As 2015 CTRM Conference Keynote

The keynote speaker for the 2015 CTRM Conference will Mr. Matt Barrett. Matt is a Director and co-founder at Adaptive Financial Consulting Limited, a bespoke trading platform design and... continue reading

CTRM Conference Attracting Delegates

The 2015 CTRM Conference is looming and we will all be getting together on October 22nd in London to read the tea leaves as it relates to CTRM software... continue reading

Allegro Becomes 12th Sponsor of the 2015 CTRM Conference

Allegro has become the 12th sponsor of the 2015 CTRM Conference to be held on October 22nd at the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel. Allegro is a leading provider of... continue reading

ComTech Welcomes G10 As 2015 CTRM Conference Bronze Sponsor

Generation 10 has become a bronze sponsor of the 2015 CTRM Conference to be held on October 22nd at the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel. Established in 2000, G10 has... continue reading