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Join Me ….

This afternoon (European time) as I moderate a panel on Legacy CTRM software…. at energy trading week online.  ... continue reading

Crunching the Numbers

I’m starting to do the analysis on the Vendor Perception Survey results where we experienced a record response – our thanks to all who participated. After eliminating incomplete responses,... continue reading

Looking Forward to Energy Trading Week Online

Time flies and it’s already time for ETW Online next week! Once again, we will be participating and I will be moderating a panel discussion on the final day... continue reading

Last Chance on the Vendor Perception Study

This week is the last week that the vendor perception survey will be open for responses. Overall, it looks like a very good response and it will be interesting... continue reading

CTRMRadio Participation

We run a reasonably popular podcast called CTRMRadio. We cover topics related to CTRM and commodities 6 times per year. We are planning a number of episodes for the... continue reading

CTWOnline Panel Focuses on Business Continuity and CTRMs

Next week, Commodities People will innovate with a virtual trade show and conference called CTWOnline. It’s free to attend for anyone interested in doing so and has a strongly... continue reading

2020 Vendor Perception Survey

We have had a pretty good response to the survey so far however, we could use more and especially from North America. So, if you use, have used, implement... continue reading

Time is running out to get your company & product listed in the 2020 CTRM Sourcebook

Just a reminder for those that haven’t yet committed to listing their CTRM products (and/or advertising) in the 2020 CTRM Sourcebook, we only have a couple of weeks left... continue reading

You Use a CTRM? Give us Your Opinions?

There is still time to give us your views on CTRM vendors via the Vendor Perception Study that we do every two years. If you use or have used... continue reading

Commodities People To Run Virtual Tradeshows Amid Lockdown

An area of business activity severely impacted by lockdowns is the tradeshow and conference area. There are many events in the commodities pace during the course of a year... continue reading

Who Do you Think is the Leader in CTRM?

Every two years we ask that question! We are asking it again at the moment and seek your input here. We publish the results as a free report available... continue reading

Two More ETRM Vendors From The CTRM Directory

In the European ETRM world, there remain many solutions that have emerged in local markets and now look to broaden their European footprint. Yesterday, we mentioned Romanian vendor Ringhel... continue reading

Vendor Perceptions – All Change or Brand Awareness Consolidation?

Back in 2018, the vendor perceptions study results showed that most people in the industry knew of Ion OpenLink and Allegro (at around 60% each). The top 5 best... continue reading

Friday Thoughts

It’s been another interesting week as an analyst observing the market. Total chaos in the market, but the dollar is strong while many commodity prices fall led by oil.... continue reading

Vendor Perceptions

Every two years we conduct our Vendor Perception study and produce our report on how vendors and their products are perceived in the market. This year, we will do... continue reading

2020 CTRM Sourcebook

The Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech) CTRM Software Sourcebook is designed to be a useful and highly usable resource to help those seeking information regarding the capabilities and coverage... continue reading

Another eWorld is Coming Up.. See You There?

This time of the year has its routines – the first is my birthday and the second is eWorld in Essen – sometimes, like last year – they even... continue reading


Many CTRM vendors have tried to create what we often refer to as the ‘all singing, all dancing’ CTRM solution. Their goal is to create that single CTRM solution... continue reading

Hot off the press – ComTech’s 2019 CTRM Market Sizing, Trends and Outlook Report

ComTech Advisory just released our 2019 CTRM Market Sizing, Trend and Outlook report. In that report, we have forecast the 2019 CTRM Market will close the year at $1.7B,... continue reading

Visions of China

I have been having a lot of conversations in recent weeks across the space and have picked up on a number of trends have emerged from those conversations. One... continue reading

Why Win/Loss Reporting is Essential

Vendors of E/CTRM software operate in fast moving and highly challenging markets. Buyer requirements are shifting and changing all of the time as customers seek new ways to make... continue reading