Using CTRMCenter

CTRMCenter – this website – is actually quite a powerful and information packed website. It may have a number of features and content that some readers are unaware of and so the purpose of this article is to highlight some of these features.


The front page of the site consists of a number of different summaries;

AdvertisingEKA Turbo Charge Trading Systems in Weeks

Blog – written by ComTech analysts and occasionally by invited third-parties, the blog represents our opinions, analysis, and findings on topics in and around CTRM. These can range from summaries of briefing calls with vendors and other companies in the market through to analysis as we see it of various trends and issues.

News – ComTech analysts actively select news stories from around the web that we believe may have relevance and be of interest to visitors. These may include press announcements and/or stories from other media.

Interview Corner – From time-to-time, we may conduct a formal interview with someone in the industry. These interviews are posted here.

Reports – The latest research from ComTech analysts – all free to download with just a short registration. When you register, you will be informed of privacy policy etc. and asked if you would like to receive the ComTech newsletter.

Whitepapers – The latest ComTech whitepapers – all free to download with just a short registration. When you register, you will be informed of privacy policy etc. and asked if you would like to receive the ComTech newsletter.

CTRM Community – This is a collection of the latest blogs pulled from around the internet that we feel may be of interest. Usually, the blogs are by CTRM vendors, service providers, industry groups and associations and the like (if you want your blog included, please let us know – we will need your RSS feed and permission). Opening one of the items will take you to a short summary. If you then click on the source, you will leave our website and go to the corresponding website of the provider of the article.

Industry Voices – Periodically, we ask industry people to contribute blog articles and we place them in this section. If you might like to contribute, let us know, however, the articles must be informational and vendor agnostic to qualify.

Videos – Located top left is a random video link to our collection of video interviews. When a new video is posted, it stays in this link for a month after which, the spot will again display random videos.


At the very top and to the left of the page is the site main menu that allows you to navigate to any section on the site. Your choices are;

Home – Click to return to the home page.

Blog – Click to go to the blog archive arranged in date order.

News – Click to visit the news archive arranged in date order.

Publications – Click to visit the area where we keep all of our printed research – reports, analyst notes, whitepapers, books, newsletters, written interviews and so on. All can be accessed and/or downloaded for free after registration.

Directory  – A comprehensive and highly usable directory of solutions complete with contact details. More on this below.

Leaders – Read the biographies of the CTRM Thought Leaders that we often utilize for guidance and ideas

Community – Click to go to Community articles from around the web ordered in date order.

Voices – Click to go to Industry Voices organized in date order.

Media – Click to visit the video and podcast section of our site where you can browse and consume videos and the CTRMRadio podcast.


Below the main menu are some other choices (assuming you are logged in),

Make a Request – In accordance with EU GDPR legislation, here you can request us to delete, rectify or export your personal data. You can also make a complaint if you feel it necessary.

Profile – This is your personal desktop area via the dashboard where you can see the latest blogs, news, research and other content that you have not seen, edit your site profile and subscribe to our newsletter.

Below that are some small icons that should be obvious with the most important being the small magnifying glass – here you can search the site on any term you wish.


Right-hand Column

Once you leave the home page, each page has a similar format with a column on the right-hand side. Here, you will see button adverts for various vendors and others that you can click through to visit their sites, subscribe to our newsletter, search the page content by category, and see a summary of latest posts on the page. The search by category is exceedingly useful allowing you to zero in on certain types of content by category.



The directory is also very usable. You can search its content by type of software, by vendor or solution and also alphabetically. Be careful to click the ‘clear all’ occasionally, as the search criteria are cumulative! Having found the listing you want – simply click on it for more details….



Note – if you want your firm or product included, a basic listing is free. Just let us know.


Coming Soon

In the new year, we will add a free jobs board and the ability to post vendor and third-party white papers and articles to a directory listing when it is upgraded for an annual fee.

More details shortly


Good hunting!



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