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CTWOnline Panel Focuses on Business Continuity and CTRMs

Next week, Commodities People will innovate with a virtual trade show and conference called CTWOnline. It’s free to attend for anyone interested in doing so and has a strongly business continuity-focused agenda as might be expected under current circumstances. The full details of agenda, speakers, networking and so on can be found at the website along with an opportunity to register if you haven’t done so already. CTRMCenter is a media partner.

I will be moderating a panel next Thursday on ‘CTRMs IN THE ERA OF REMOTE WORK’ scheduled for 3pm UK time on May 28th. Joining me will be Federica Stumia-Michelini, head of risk and control at Neste; Alexandre Pegoud, Head of controlling at Walter Matter SA, and Ken Han, CEO of Enuit. Based on the discussion we had about the session yesterday, I think its going to be a good one. We will start the session by asking about what the panelists believe is the right CTRM set-up to allow for business continuity when employees are working from home and expect to cover topics like cloud, workflow, security and many other topics. Panelists Alexandre and Federica are well placed to bring insightful commentary to the discussion based on their experiences of implementation.  Alexandre’s company has started implementation of a new cloud-based CTRM, and he’s seen several implementations in his time with Noble and COFCO; Federica’s company has tested several systems for the last 6/7 years. Ken can contribute a lot based on Enuit clients’ experience and requirements, for example.

We do hope you will join us?

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If you do so, you will be able to ask questions to the panel, and also to upvote questions so that we can make sure the most popular ones are being answered by the panel. We will also ask a couple of questions via online polling.

It will be an interesting discussion as will I suspect many of the other sessions over the three day event.

Register here.