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Easing into 2020

The festive period often seems to go on for ever especially as it seems to start earlier and earlier each year. I don’t know about you but over the period as I consume too many sweets and perhaps a bit more alcohol than I otherwise would, my body clock shifts and I find myself going to bed a bit later and rising a bit later each day. This leads to a sudden and abrupt problem come the first day back to work. The sudden shock of having to wake up while it is still dark! This year, I couldn’t sleep at all and so Monday I was up at 5am and ready to go! It always takes me a day or two just to get back into the groove again and I don’t think yesterday was a particularly effective day – it was long though ending at 11pm after a business call with Houston and Melbourne!

So far today, I have had a much better day work wise and later I have a while series of calls and briefings. One of the emails I received this morning came from a vendor who told me that the holidays had been busy for them. They did sales demonstrations on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day he told me! This reminded me of conversations with CTRM sales people over the years about the holiday period and RFI’s and RFP’s – often due January 1st or the following week ensuring a working holiday for many of the vendor’s staffs. It also confirmed what I had been hearing in the weeks before the holidays about activity levels being extremely high. Everyone was busy doing demos; writing proposals and trying to close business. Suddenly, there seemed to be a lot of business to be had. We will see in the coming months how true that proves to be.  For others, there were acquisitions to complete, announce and report as with EnergyOne and EZ-energy. Contigo’s CEO was one person working right up to Christmas I know because he was sending me press announcements and additional information!

And so by tomorrow, it will back to normal as if the holiday had never happened. I’ll be blogging about real news instead of waffling on about holidays….. Meanwhile, it seems like the period was very busy for many vendors for one reason or another.

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