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EGSSIS Stays Busy

Almost all vendors are reporting busy markets, and full sales pipelines at the moment and EGSSIS see similar activity in the markets: “There are lots of projects, RFPs, requests, and many projects that went dormant last year are back on the agenda,” says EGSSIS’ Dries Lamont. “We have already signed two new customers in Germany and The Netherlands, with many more in the pipeline.” The interest is coming from both new and existing customers.

Apparently, EGSSIS is also doing a lot more custom work for its customers who seek purpose-built SaaS solutions for gas or power operations. “We have strengthened our IT staff to be in a better position to take on more of these projects as the demand is there,” Dries told me. “We have adopted an agile development approach, and more and more customers are outsourcing development projects to us.”

Many changes in different markets are also driving interest, for example, EDIGAS changes in France and MIG6 in Belgium. These changes bring customers in for modifications and updates, of course. “With market communication changes occurring all of the time, many see adopting a commercial solution as opposed to building their own as the way to go. It requires a lot of effort and money for a company to develop and maintain its own market communication and operations solution,” said Stefan Quentin, who was recently promoted to the Head of Sales role at EGSSIS. Renewables are another area driving change along with the move to short-term trading and real-time automation. “A lot of companies doing algo trading and using AI still need balancing as well.” EGSSIS is also responding to some of these changes adding auto-balancing capabilities for power in markets like Germany and Luxembourg to expand such capabilities and with plans to add auto nominations as the next step for gas and power.

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EGSSIS is also seeing increasing demand for openness and connectivity with other solutions in the client’s IT ecosystem. “The ability to seamlessly connect to ETRM’s, accounting/back-office, and other solutions via APIs is emerging rapidly,” says Stefan. “Data is needed within the organization in real-time, and APIs are a state-of-the-art solution for these requests.” EGGSIS has open APIs for connectivity and has implemented an ‘Eventhub’ at one customer site to “open up those data flows and trigger actions based on events. Also implemented is a Communication Center which creates alerts to phones, by email, by SMS, and even alarms at the dispatching desk,” he said.

EGGSIS counts more than 30 staff with additional external teams helping execute projects, they told me. Functions such as HR and accounting are outsourced, so all staff is operational or IT resources. The company now serves 55+ customers and expects this to grow through the rest of 2021.