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Energy Trading

E-World – Essen in June

When I got off the train at Essen main station and walked outside, something seemed to have changed. Essen didn’t look like Essen. It took a meeting with Mark... continue reading

Paris-Based Dsflow to Bring SaaS ETRM to Market later in 2022

Recently, I was alerted to a new ETRM vendor called Dsflow. Based in Paris, the vendor promises a new approach, SaaS, ETRM solution on its website. Last week, I... continue reading

Old King Coal

In our recently issued market assessment and sizing, we highlighted what we thought might be a short to medium-term increase in demand for CTRM solutions for coal. Our thinking... continue reading is finding success in a turbulent and changing energy market

I recently spoke with David Leevan, CEO of, a US-based analytics platform provider, to get an update on not only the company’s recent developments, but also the trends... continue reading

Energy One Sees Larger Addressable Market

This morning news broke that Energy One had agreed to acquire Australia’s CQ Energy in a deal reportedly worth $36mAUS in cash and shares.CQ Eenergy is the leading provider of... continue reading

Shall We Meet?

The first 2022 edition of our innovative CTRMRadio podcast turned out to be timely as in it we address the future of events, information dissemination and networking in the... continue reading

CTRMCenter Sponsors New Podcast Miniseries on ETRM from Insider’s Guide to Energy

Many of you on the energy side of things will be listening to the excellent podcast – Insider’s Guide to Energy. For those of you that are still unfamiliar,... continue reading

Orchestrade – A New Entrant in ETRM

Recently, I was contacted by Catherine Biewer of Orchestrade who was very keen to tell us about its solution and its ETRM coverage. Orchestrade has been focused on other... continue reading

Europe’s Energy Crisis – Purely Political?

I have noted quite a lot of articles and comments on LinkedIn about Europe’s energy issues and most have a similar theme – it’s political! The fact is, there... continue reading

Igloo Talks Differentiation

Like many other ETRM vendors, Igloo has been very busy the past few months picking up a couple of new customers in the last quarter. “Both are Companies from... continue reading

European Short-Term Power Trading Solutions Update

It has been a while since we wrote about European short-term power solutions although, to be fair, we have created a couple of CTRMRadio podcasts on and around the... continue reading

Likron Bullish and Looking to self-Trading Power Plants

Late last year, Likron was acquired by Volue AS after being in business independently for around 10-years. A pioneer and a market leader in short-term trading solutions, it and... continue reading

nGenue’s Natural Gas Focus is Paying Dividends

I recently caught up with Richard Pinos, head of customer success for nGenue (the Houston-based provider of natural gas software for marketers, producers, LDCs, utilities, and pipelines) to get... continue reading

A look at Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ acquisition of Pioneer Solutions

With the acquisition of Pioneer Solutions LLC by Hitachi ABB Power Grids, first announced in September of last year, Pioneer’s Financial and Regulatory Risk Management (FARRMS) technology platform has... continue reading

Oil and the Activists

Reading an article by John Kemp at Reuters this morning about how it has been the poor performance of the oil majors in recent years and decades that have... continue reading

Enegen – Generating Interest With its Growing Product Portfolio

Enegen Power Systems is according to its website, ‘a U.K.- based provider of scheduling, wholesale and Balancing Mechanism dispatch and commercial optimisation software that works seamlessly with its adaptive... continue reading

Enuit – a North America update and outlook

I recently checked-in with Keith Thibodeaux, Enuit’s head of sales for the Americas, to see how the firm fared during last year’s challenges and how he sees the market... continue reading

Skarvi Systems Targets Oil Company ETRM Space

In the CTRM software space, there are always new entrants. I got introduced to a recent new entrant recently in the form of London-based Skarvi Systems and its CEO,... continue reading

Contigo Busy Amid UK Price Volatility

Contigo is being kept pretty busy by two large implementation projects it has going on, CEO, Simon Wheeler told me last week.  Of the two projects, one had a... continue reading

Previse Systems: An Update

Previse Systems is an innovative new play in the European TRM space that announced its presence late last year when it launched ChorusLink – ‘a new approach to recording,... continue reading

Enegen Sees Potential in ATOM

The transition in the UK power generation scene to one where there are many smaller distributed assets in the form of wind or solar farms, batteries and the like... continue reading