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Energy Trading

Sprit of the clean energy transition at E-World 2024

E-World has always been the main event of the year for the energy software business. For over two decades, I have been participating in this event, representing leading software... continue reading

Brady ETRM Revitalized

Back in the day, the old Brady PLC acquired two competing ETRM vendors active in Scandinavian power markets and beyond. Eventually, Brady settled on one of the platforms –... continue reading

Looking back at 2023 with Enuit

I recently visited with Ken Han, CEO of Enuit and Ganesh Natarajan, COO, to find out their perspective on what has been an interesting year in the CTRM marketplace.... continue reading

EnergyScan – A holistic suite of analytical data on energy and commodity markets

Consolidated energy and commodity market insights, analytics forecasts derived from AI tools, and up-to-date reports and news provided in one accessible platform and visualized in form of graphs and... continue reading

An Update on Brady’s PowerDesk Family of Solutions

I recently had a catch-up call with Chris Regan at Brady. It seems that much has transpired since we last spoke including a refreshed website and branding. I wanted... continue reading

Igloo Thriving at Brady

I recently spoke with Mohammed Alanizi, Commercial Director, Brady Technologies. He had recently co-authored a white paper on the latest trends in ETRM that had caught my attention. Mohammed... continue reading

Slew of Impactful News…

Trigger warning – some non conformist view ahead…  I posted three Reuters stories to the news section today as it appears to be an interesting news day. The US... continue reading

FIS sees hydrogen market ready for take-off

Hydrogen consistently garners attention in energy-related publications as a prospective substitute for fossil fuels, playing an indispensable role in achieving decarbonization goals. The technology for producing, transporting, and storing... continue reading

PPA Solutions by Pexapark – From Pricing to Life Cycle Management and Risk Reporting

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, an increasing number of investors are eager to embark on new projects involving the construction of wind or solar farms. Power... continue reading

Energy One Thriving in European Markets

Energy One continues to recruit against excellent demand for its products and services. Simon Wheeler, CEO – Europe, said that it had added more than 8 new staff in... continue reading

Natural Gas CTRM starting to show strength

I recently caught up with John Decker, Enuit’s sales director for the Americas.  According to Mr. Decker, Enuit is seeing strong sales activities across multiple categories of commodities and,... continue reading

enspired is looking for new horizons

enspired occupies a unique position within the energy market. The company provides trading services including the commercial optimization of power assets, implementing data-driven and fully automated trading strategies to... continue reading

ENEGEN is ready for opening the wholesale market for prosumers in UK

ENEGEN Power Systems is a UK-based company that offers a diverse range of software tools designed for the UK wholesale and balancing markets. These tools encompass a spectrum of... continue reading

Visit E-World With Me?

When I visited E-World last week, I took my camera and recorded relevant aspects of the tradeshow and got some quick soundbites from various vendors…. join me as I... continue reading

E-World Extremely Busy

I spent yesterday at E-World in Essen only returning home this afternoon. Yesterday was the first day of E-World and it was absolutely mobbed! There were far more people... continue reading

E-World Cometh….

Here in Europe, there is a growing buzz of anticipation around E-World, which this year anyway, is in late May as opposed to its more normal (and freezing cold)... continue reading

The Rise of the Middle East

In a number of briefings with vendors and others recently, the middle east has come up as a topic for discussion. It seems this region has grown sharply in... continue reading

FIS Energy & Commodities Partnering for Success

FIS Energy & Commodities has been working on several partnering relationships recently, both in functional areas like North American crude oil with Egistix, and in US natural gas scheduling... continue reading

The Hedge Funds Are Back…..

According to a Bloomberg story, hedge funds in commodities are back and making money. My interest in hedge funds commenced back around 19-years ago when Peter Fusaro and I... continue reading

Energy One’s enFlow Deployed for Battery Optimization in Australia

With the energy transition, batteries have become an important asset on the grid to supply some capability to store excess power to use when needed. Needless to say, software... continue reading

As Global Demand for LNG increases, new market participants are finding they lack the right CTRM capabilities

As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, Russia has retaliated against the European governments that have supported Ukraine with arms shipments by throttling natural gas supplies or entirely... continue reading