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Contigo Beefing up EnTrader Functionality

Contigo is busy these days bringing new features and functionality to its ETRM solution – enTrader. I spoke with Product Manager Dean Haden recently to see what was new.

The first thing he mentioned was a new electronic confirmations module that currently supports Equias but will eventually also work for ICE confirmations as well. He told me that they already have a customer using the multi-tenanted cloud-based module and that it was quite a tricky piece of functionality to develop even working closely with Equias.  The vendor has also delivered a new module around dynamic position management, he told me. This allows users to visualize position in new ways that were previously unavailable for all commodities in one place. Mr. Haden told me that it is most useful for short-term deliveries position.

Meanwhile, Contigo was also part of a joint team working with InterGen with support throughout from Baringa Partners that worked to meet InterGen’s present and future requirements in an evolving energy market. “This process included the design of a new business trading model that will allow InterGen to streamline and enhance their trading and risk management capabilities.

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The ETRM provides a full front to back office solution to allow the valuation and optimisation of the InterGen portfolio while providing additional controls, regulatory reporting and improved user experience. The joint team worked together over 10 months to design, develop and test the solution, which culminated in a successful go-live on Saturday 29th June 2019.

The fully hosted Contigo enTrader system boasts strong real-time position management, key for InterGen in balancing the day to day positions of its three large combined cycle gas plants (totaling 2,560MW) which are all commercially operated from InterGen’s headquarters in Edinburgh. Throughout the course of the project InterGen adapted its Business Processes to maximise usage of “off the shelf” system functionality but also partnered in developing innovative features that enhanced the core product offering.”

The activity is paying off as Contigo have signed 5 new customers in the seven months since their acquisition by EnergyOne.