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ETOT Attendees Focused on Data And Digitalization?

ETOT, which takes place in London this week – more details at the ETOT website – attendees have been asked to complete a survey in advance of the Summit that offers a glimpse of what attendees have on their minds. I discussed the survey results to date with Ben Hillary, MD of Commodities People on Friday last week to see what insights we could glean.

Firstly, based on which subjects are deemed to be most important for delegates, with some 117 responses to date, it would appear that digitalization is top of mind along with data and business process efficiency improvements. Developments in ETRM still scored fairly highly as did algorithmic trading, but things like BO operational efficiency and AI/Data Management are where the action seems to be at. This largely agrees with what ComTech sees as current trends as well. Needless to say, all items are on the ETOT agenda and the trends in ETRM session will be moderated by me. The responses came from about equal numbers of vendor versus end user staff, Ben told me.

Which subjects are most important for you to learn more about at the summit – Top 8? 

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  1. Digitalisation      66%
  2. General energy market trends   61%
  3. Back office operational efficiency             53%
  4. Artificial intelligence / machine learning                 48%
  5. Data management optimization and analytics      45%
  6. Developments in ETRM 45%
  7. Algorithmic trading impact on operations and technology              43%
  8. Electronic Settlement Matching (eSM)   37%
  9. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)           33%

In terms of planned purchases over the next 12-months, the largest interest is again shown in acquiring data management tools (38%) followed by electronic settlement matching (23%), technology or business consulting (23%), RPA (21%), data feeds (18%). ETRM solution acquisition was listed by 13% of those answering the survey. Vendor responses were removed from this part of the survey. The ETex Front Office event taking place at the same time showed a rather larger interest in acquiring new ETRM solutions at 29%.

Make sure to attend ETOT on Thursday and Friday this week to find out more and if you do attend, please do come to the ETRM trends session that I will be moderating.