European ETRM Space Getting Crowded?

Walking around E-World last month, I was struck at just how many ETRM software products now target European power and gas. In addition to the usual suspects like ION Openlink, Allegro, Brady PLC, FIS, Contigo and Powel, there are others like Pioneer from the US who have recently joined the fray. If you are located in certain regions of Europe, you also may have a number of more local vendors to think about as well. For example, in central & eastern Europe, there are the likes of Unicorn, IP Systems, IPESoft, Ringhel, and MicroStepHDO to consider and in Turkey, there is APLUS Energi looking at that region as well. In southern Europe, there is Sinergetica and Phinergy also offering solutions tailored to those markets. In the UK, you have Viewpoint Solutions nipping at the heels of Contigo and in Scandinavia there are Instream Oy and others. There are a number of other regional vendors dabbling in and around the space as well.

As if that wasn’t enough choice, with the rise of renewables and intraday trading, vendors like Visotech, Likron, Procom, Powel, FIS, Contigo, EZnergy and others have started to serve various aspects of these markets with transaction management or auto and algo trading solutions, and it can’t be long before some of the auto and algo trading vendors start moving into supporting longer-term markets and more general ETRM can it? And, since power is again very physical these days, suddenly we see infrastructure vendors moving strongly back into European power – like, for example, Kisters, Alstom, ABB, Soptim, and the like. It makes sense for these vendors to be back in the space given the smart grid, smart metering, and intraday trading activities.

Of course, adding to this exhaustive list are vendors are those that can, at any time, opportunistically take a crack at European power and gas functionality – such as those from peripheral markets, like Gen10 perhaps or Agiboo, or from other geographies, like North American-based MCG Paragon, OATI, Eka or Enuit; or potentially the newer cloud providers like InstaNext, Fendahl, Molecule or Igloo. There may even be others we do not know about as yet (if so, let us know please!).

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Suddenly, it seems like a very crowded space with a lot of choice for buyers…… all vendors are listed in the directory ….

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