Energy Trading

Flipping Energy – Why Big Oil May Become the Next “Masters of Flip”

Flipping homes. It seems to be all the rage on TV these days. Flip or Flop. Flipping Las Vegas. Masters of Flip. You get the idea. While the concept... continue reading

Reuters Poll On Oil Prices

Reuters has polled 29 analysts and economists on their views of oil price given the recent OPEC deal. Like me, most don’t see the OPEC deal having much impact... continue reading

Barclays is getting out of energy trading

Reuters is reporting that Barclays, one of Britain’s largest banks, is existing the energy markets, joining others financial institutions such as RBS Sempra and Deutsche Bank who had previously... continue reading

The Oil Price Dance

Am I the only one that seems a bit puzzled over oil prices? As the chances for an OPEC agreement on production oscillates between they will or they won’t,... continue reading

ComTech releases our latest research report – ETRM in a Low Commodity Price Environment

I’m sure everyone reading this blog is well aware of the current energy market conditions – persistent low prices across almost all energy commodities, regulatory changes that have impacted... continue reading

Nuclear Energy – The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

“In a vast, seven-story hole in the ground 43 miles west of Pittsburgh, massive sections of steel plate are being welded together to form gigantic cylinders. Heavy pipes for... continue reading

Energy One Dominates Australian Power & Gas ETRM Software Markets

Energy One Ltd is an Australian ETRM and related software vendor that has thrived in its domestic market and is only one of two public companies in the space... continue reading

Oil Traders Panic…not because of prices, but because Yahoo Messenger is going away

Yahoo announced last month that they’re ending support of their legacy versions of their IM product, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and after August 5 will only support their web-based version.... continue reading

Lower Commodity Prices Driving Push to CTRM in the Cloud?

Over the last 18 -24 months, as commodity prices have fallen, commodity traders/buyers/sellers of all types have had to grapple with rising costs and lower revenues. Recently, ComTech has... continue reading

New Research – Critical Issues in ETRM in a low price market environment

ComTech is seeking your participation in a new survey and research effort – this new project looks at the impacts and implications of low-priced energy commodities as they relate... continue reading

COP21: The Impact On The Energy Industry According To Three Experts

COP21 was held in Paris last December, finding broad consensus on the need to cut emissions by the 196 parties attending COP21. However, it will not become legally binding... continue reading

It Just Got Very Busy!

This last week, things got very busy all of a sudden with multiple projects and a host of news and follow up calls to schedule. One thing we are... continue reading

OpenLink Capturing European Power & Gas Mid-Tier Market Share

Over the last 12-months or so, OpenLink has announced a string of (for it) rather untypical license deals in the middle tier in European power and gas, including firms... continue reading

Utilidex Aims to Break The Paradigm

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to get an update from UK-based vendor Utilidex via Mike McCloskey, Director and Co-founder of the company. Utilidex provides an integrated... continue reading

So how bad are the nat gas and power markets? Ask a trader after they get their bonus

The US and EUR gas and power markets are bad enough that traders are going to make bonuses of less than $500,000 for 2015! Yeah, I know, its... continue reading

Do collapsing commodity prices spell doom for CTRM license sales?

The news throughout 2015 has certainly been grim for commodity producers of all stripes. With the Bloomberg Commodity Index (which tracks a wide ranging basket of commodity prices) falling... continue reading